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org/elt/shiporsheep PHOTOCOPIABLE
Spanish speakers
i (ship) confused with i: (sheep)
(man) confused with n (cup) or : (heart)
(a camera) pronounced as spelling
s: (girl) pronounced as spelling
(phone) common error (clock) or : (ball)
(book) confused with u: (boot)
i (beer) pronounced as spelling
c (chair) pronounced as spelling
Difculty with groups of consonants. Final consonants may be dropped or not pronounced clearly.
s may be substituted for other nal consonants.
v common error b
h pronounced x (loch) or confused with d (jam)
| (yellow) confused with d (jam) or h (hat)
z common error s
v found difcult in front of (book) or u: (boot); may be pronounced b or qv
d sounds like (feather) in the middle or at the end of a word
(shoe) common error (cherry)
n may not be pronounced at the end of a word or may be pronounced (ring) or m at the
end of a word
r strongly trilled; pronounced where normally silent
b may sound like v in the middle of a word
(television) may be confused with (cherry)
At the beginning of a word p I may sound like b d q respectively, but at the end of a word b d q may
sound like p I respectively.
s + consonant found difcult at the beginning of a word, an extra vowel may be added.
Sounds a little at. Exercises expressing surprise or other emotions may be useful.
Joining word exercises may be useful.