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Exercise : Launching EMS Client

1. 2.

Load the EMS Client program on your PC (WEM Client x.x.xx.x.exe) Launch the EMS Client Use one of the following two methods to log on to the WEM GUI: 1. Double- li ! the "#$ti$l Wi%eless WEM Client i on on the des!to# &. "ele t "t$%t'(%og%$ms'WEM Client )ou should h$*e $ Console window+ $nd $ few se onds l$te%+ the ,"#e if- "wit h. di$log box.


Update the MSC s itch List Gi*e $ M"C n$me $nd $ "/M 0 I( $dd%ess. 1ote: le WEM Client will be $utom$ti $ll- u#d$ted b- the se%*e%. 2e$d the M"C swit h list file into -ou% dis!: Di%e to%-: 3Do uments $nd "ettings34use%n$me53."#$ti$l6neUI.ini


"EM Log on to the MSC.


Using the $%M&P training document and comment the di''erent (U) menus and

indo s.


"hat is the Pea+ MSC CPU $ccupancy 'or this s itch, 7ow m$- C(U (nodes) h$*e been de l$%ed in the WC"8 Whi h C(U gets the highest 9 of o u#$n -8 Wh$t will be the m$ximum 9 $ e#t$ble8 7ow m$n- WMG h$*e been de l$%ed8


Change the alarm presentation in the alarm panel. "et the %iti $l $l$%m #%esent$tion to %ed with bee#+ $nd the m$:o% $l$%m to fl$shing o%$nge. 1ote: )ou m$- log off $nd log on $g$in to he ! th$t this onfigu%$tion is %et$ined fo% e$ h use% (don;t do it) 2etu%n the $l$%m #%esent$tion $s it w$s. ./ie 0 12 .%larm 3oti'ication $ptions0


"hat is the Current MSC )P address and So't are 5ersion, Wh$t is the WEM #o%t numbe%8 Wh$t is the d$te of the l$st *e%sion8 .6elp0 12 .Ser5er07


Chec+ i' a geographic 9edundancy o' the Call Ser5er :"CS; has <een declared.

.(eographic 9edundancy0 12 .(eographic 9edundancy Parameters0 Wh$t is the #%in i#le of Geog%$#hi 2edund$n -8