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Declaration nr. 8 Date of the introduction of the declaration: 29/12/2013 Name of the person introducing the declaration: Victor Gallou n !ehalf of the part": #D$%eunes Declaration: The alliance of centralism and capitalism is the greatest obstacle for selfdetermination in France &he 'uropean (ree )lliance *outh condemns the political and economical centralism as a negation of the right for self+determination. &oda", centralism emphasi-es the conse.uences of li!eral choices. /n (rance, the policies leading to a fairer repartition of 0o!s and in1estments ha1e disappeared and the spatial organi-ation of acti1ities and population ha1en !een entrusted to the rules of the mar2et, 3ith a historical ad1antage of centuries of domination for 4aris. 'conomic acti1it" concentration is !eing strengthened !" the concentration of ser1ices: hospitals, post offices, and e1en social ser1ices lea1e rural areas to !ecome a pri1ilege for the !iggest to3ns5 citi-ens. 6upporters of the centrali-ed political s"stem claim centralism is the !est 3a" to promote e.ualit" !et3een regions and cities. $ut in truth, the central 6tate increases the ine.ualities in concentrating its in1estments and su!1entions in fe3 cities, and tries to pre1ent the peoples of 7orsica, $rittan" and the $as.ue 7ountr" from getting the institutional tools to de1elop their econom" in a more endogenic 3a". (rench state administration implements li!eral policies that claim that a !igger center 3ould !e !eneficial for e1er"one8 e1en if its gro3th is paid !" people of other regions9 :ecentl", the go1ernment has decided to create a ne3 administrati1e status for !ig cities ;< metropolis => in order for them to !ecome stronger in a glo!al competition. $" promoting the competition !et3een a fe3 !ig cities in place of solidarit" and local autonom", the (rench Go1ernment has !etra"ed (ran?ois @ollande5s promise of a real decentrali-ation. &he '()* defends the principle of su!sidiarit", the solidarit" !et3een and into territories, and supports the recent demonstrations in $rittan" and the $as.ue 7ountr" for a fairer repartition of po3ers and 0o!s.