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Declaration nr. 9 Date of the introduction of the declaration: 29/12/2013 Name of the person introducing the declaration: Victor Gallou On ehalf of the part!: "D#$eunes Declaration: For a new promotion of the Breton language at University

%he &uropean 'ree (lliance )outh stands for the promotion of the #reton at "ni*ersit!. %he situation of the #reton language is in a ad spot currentl!. %he num er of #reton spea+ers has ne*er een so lo, as it is no,- although more and more children learn it at primar! school. %his is due to the fact that #reton language courses are still scarce toda!- especiall! at "ni*ersit!. .n #rittan!- onl! t,o uni*ersities out of four offer a sufficient amount of courses to allo, students to e proficient enough and use #reton in their ,or+ing en*ironment. %here are not enough #reton teachers toda! causing the closure of immersi*e schools- despite the ,illingness of pupils to attend them. .n the department of /oire0(tlanti1ue 2,hich ,as separated from the #rittan! region 30 !ears ago4- the pro lem is igger. %his is ,here the num er of #reton learners has increased the most. %here ha*e een- ho,e*er- no #reton courses offered at "ni*ersit! since 2005. 6arado7icall!- #reton is taught in "ni*ersities of man! foreign countries"ni*ersit!8 9ith this declaration- &'(! supports that the #reton language has to "ni*ersities. %his is a crucial point for the sur*i*al of the language. ut not in e*er! #reton

e taught in all the #reton