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The Power of Good Communication

Create an advertising Campaign designed to educate your peers, and the school community about the beliefs of the original Canadians.

What You Need First

In order to educate your peers and the community as a whole, you need to find out what they know, or think they know about the aboriginal people of Canada now. As a Class we will Create a Survey in Microsoft Word which:
Categorizes who is answering the questionnaire (teacher, grade 9, grade 10, etc.) Determines what the respondants think of the aboriginal people and why? Determines how much the respondants actually know about the aboriginal people and their beliefs Ask approximately 10 people from each grade and 5 teachers.

Gathering Data
Once the questionnaires have been gathered, the data will be entered into the computer (excel) and tabulated. If you find that the level of knowledge increases with age, then aim your campaign at grade 9 students. If you find that the findings are the same throughout the school, aim your campaign at all grades. If the teachers are unaware, include a poster designed to be installed in the teachers lounge.

Create Groups of 4
There are different areas of expertise expected in this project, research skills, some photoshop expertise, and some video editing, and presentation skills. Create a group of 4 people and try to ensure that you have the skills mentioned above and can work together.
Think about skills, not grade Be Able to Work together

Using Google to research, eg: www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/pubs/aboaut/spirit-spiritualite-eng.htm , and Photoshop, you will create 4 posters which visually help explain the aboriginal belief in The Circle as per the pictures below:
To be hung around the school

You group will create a 30 second, or 1 minute Video Advertisement aimed at educating the school community as to the history of the aboriginal people. OR You will create a 1 2 minute video, as a newscast, aimed at educating the school community as to the history of the aboriginal people. This video will be played in the Cafeteria during lunch, and at the next staff meeting (if teachers are deemed to be uninformed per the survey)


Your group will present your CAMPAIGN to the class and to the teacher. The presentation itself will generate a Communications mark

Knowledge: How good is your ability to match the research, and the deficiencies found, with the advertising campaign and who it is aimed at. Application: How good is the technical use and skills in Photoshop and I-Movies Thinking: How creative is the poster and the Video AND does it do what it is supposed to Communication:
How well does the poster and video communicate the intended message? How good is the presentation to the class?