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Bailey and Lexi

Three basic precepts: Shun evil and avoid partaking in wicked deeds at all cost. Perform kind acts as much as possible. Abide by the edicts of God the Almighty Father. Methodist placed a primary emphasis on Christian living They accept the bible as a primary rule of Faith

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They are almost exactly like ours but with tiny differences

There are about 11 million churches. The founder is John Wesley. He was a clergyman of the church of England. Started in 1739 Charles Wesley, Johns brother, composed more than 7,000 hymns for the Methodist church.

We believe in the trinity. We believe that God created the world. We believe Jesus is the Son of God. We believe the Holy Spirit is with us. We believe that you need to be in a relationship with God to be Human. We all celebrate all saints day on December 21st

They do not pray to Mary. There is not really a difference. We just all have different names. We are all Christians and believe in God with some differences. Methodist is a Christian just a different branch. They recognize Matthew Paul John Luke They believe that everyone is a saint

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