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Fall 2009

Online tools to make collaboration a breeze

Content Generation
Google Docs http://docs.google.com/
Has three main components for generating content. Documents, presentations, and

Allow you to create mutual documents and share them with multiple people. Key
features include: the ability to share, track changes, access on any computer no of the
software used to access.

Additional information (Maricopa community college):

Starting and Naming a Document

Uploading a Document
Adding Comments
Sharing the Document
Publishing a Document

The Google version of PowerPoint- also allows you to share and create presentations.

This is the Google version of Excel. It allow you to create a form that collects data if you
want to make surveys or registration forms for a variety of events.
Additional Information

Uploading Spreadsheet
Inputting Basic Average Formula
Making Basic Chart

Collaboration Tools
RefShare via Refworks RefWorks Login
RefShare is a special feature of RefWorks that allows you to share information in your
RefWorks account with others.
Handout for RefShare (Lewis and Clark College)
Additional Information on how to import references to Refworks at CSULB: RefWorks

Dropbox http://www.getdropbox.com/
Handout: http://www.uwex.uwc.edu/it/instruct-support/D2L/dropbox_basics.pdf
Fall 2009

Server space to load and save information and share and access anywhere

Google Wave http://wave.google.com (limited release)

There are tons of ways to use Google Wave--here are just a few examples to get you
thinking and an overview video that shows Google Wave in action.

Presentation Tools
Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/
Handout: http://www.willard.k12.mo.us/co/tech/Document/slideshare2.pdf
A great tool to share powerpoints and create slideshows w audio for class presentations
especially in an online only class.

Scribd http://www.scribd.com/
Help: http://support.scribd.com/portal
A social sharing site for documents, Scribd indexes it and makes it available in several
versions including PDF, Word, and Plain Text