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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace A Training Plan for the Recognition and Resolution of Workplace Conflicts.

1. Why is Conflict Management Training Needed? Unresolved personal and professional conflicts, alike, of employees can negatively impact t e ealt and s!ccess of t e organi"ations #it in # ic t ey are employed$ % et er a line item on t e ann!al &!dget or not listed at all, !nresolved conflict cost money and can, t erefore, !ndo!&tedly, affect t e s!ccess of an organi"ation, as e'pressed in dollars and cents (Dana )**+, Dana, D. 2001. Conflict resolution !ediation tools for e"er#da# $orklife. %e$ &ork, %& !c'ra$()ill. 2. What is conflict currently doing to the organization? -t is costing t e organi"ation !nprod!ctive time, salaries, impaired decision. making, employee morale, and employee t!rnover$ 3. What skills need to be enhanced to effecti ely manage and resol e conflict?

T ere are five primary skill t at need to &e en anced in order to &e more effective at managing and resolving conflict/

0!ickly Relieving Stress Recogni"ing and Controlling Emotions -mprove 1on.Ver&al Comm!nication Skills H!mor 2 3lay to Deal %it C allenges Resolving Conflict

!. Who in the organization needs to be trained? All associates need to &e trained since everyone as co.#orker and c!stomer interaction
HRD Associates Conflict Management Training

on a daily &asis, # ic can impact performance and organi"ations profita&ility$

". What things or acti ities must be done to accom#lish your goals or business$de#artment needs? Design and implementation of an interactive comp!ter &ased conflict management training program t at #ill &ridge t e conflict resol!tion skills gaps and &e s!ccessf!lly completed &y all associates$ %. What kno&ledge' skills' or beha iors do you think the associates need to learn to effecti ely manage and resol e conflict? Relations ip 4!ilding, Coac ing, 5istening, Comm!nication, -nterpersonal Skills, 6!dgment, 7le'i&ility, Decisiveness, 5eaders ip, Competence, 1egotiation skills (. What should the associates be doing differently' start' sto# doing to effecti ely manage and resol e conflict? Stop !sing passive conflict resol!tion met ods and start !tili"ing t e met ods and tools presented in t e training program to effectively manage and resolve conflict in t e #orkplace$ ). *f there are e+#ected changes in the &ork#lace' &ho &ill benefit from the training? All trained employees and t e organi"ation #ill &enefit from t e implementation of conflict management training$ Training leaders ips and all associates to maintain emotions, take a m!t!ally respectf!l approac , listen to competing ideas and t oro!g ly disc!ss, conflict can res!lt in t e &est overall decision and prevent !nnecessary do#n time, # ic leads to ig er operational cost and less profits$ ,. -o& often and &hen tasks are #erformed? Daily, &y leaders ip and all associates 1.. Why do &e belie e this is a training #roblem?

Employees s!rveys, e'it intervie#s, employee s!ggestions and employee relations iss!es &ro!g t to H!man Reso!rces for resol!tion indicate t at organi"ational conflict
HRD Associates Conflict Management Training

management skills are #eak at &est and t at conflict in t e #orkplace often goes !ndetected, !naddressed or !nresolved$

11. -o& &ill you kno& you ha e been successful?

Employee s!rveys, e'it intervie#s 2 s!ggestions #ill &e more positive and t ere #ill &e fe#er employee relations iss!es s!rro!nding employee conflict, # ic #ill lead to less do#ntime and more prod!ction$ 1e#ly ac8!ired conflict management skills #ill &!ild stronger relations ips, ena&le employees to resolve t eir o#n pro&lems 8!ick and effectively, red!ces tension amongst co.#orkers and promotes increased !nderstanding # ic allo#s employees to make &etter o&9ective decisions$

12. What can you tell me about the &ork en ironment? Office setting #it c!&icles, ):;< operations, departments consist of += > )* associates !nder t e direction of a s!pervisor, all employees ave a comp!ter #it internet access 13. What can you tell me about the &orkforce? /age' e+#erience' time &ith the organization0

%orkforces is made !p of &ot e'perts and novice employees, average age of t e #orkforce is ?@ years, t e vast ma9ority of t e #orkforce as &een #it t e company :. = years and t e #orkforce is very diverse$

1!. Where &ill the training be conducted? T e training #ill &e completed via interactive comp!ter training #e&site accessi&le and availa&le to all of t e organi"ations associates

1". -o& many associates are going to be trained?

T ere are )** associates t at #ill need to &e trained$

HRD Associates Conflict Management Training

1%. -a e the em#loyee e er had Conflict Management training? T e employees ave ad Diversity 2 -ncl!sion Training, &!t never conflict management training$ 1(. What is the &orst thing that could ha##en if &e do not im#lement and conduct the training? Contin!ed employee concerns leading to lack of tr!st 2 confidence, poor employee morale, increased t!rnover, lost #ork time d!e to employee conflict disr!ptions and negative impact to t e organi"ations &ottom line profita&ility 1). What s#ecial e1ui#ment is needed for the training? Comp!ters #it internet capa&ility

1,. What is the training timeline and ho& long do you antici#ate the training to continue? T e training #ill &e completed on an off.site o!ting to t e Aalt Ho!se Hotel Convention Center and ne# ire d!ring orientation, and #ill &e re8!ired yearly as a condition of employment

Cost 2nalysis
*ndirect Costs Clerical;Administrative S!pport 7ringe 4enefits 3e elo#ment Costs %e& Design 3rogram 3iloting Redesign Researc 7ringe 4enefits 4 erhead Cost Aeneral Organi"ation S!pport Top DanagementEs Time Com#ensation for
HRD Associates Conflict Management Training

B<=* B+@<$=* B),*** B?** B+,=** B?,*** B+,<** BF=* ()=C of com&ined salary,

()=C of com&ined salary, (+*C of -ndirect and Development Cost,

5artici#ants Salary 7ringe 4enefits Total Costs

B=,*** B+,)=* B+G,G?<$=*

B)= per ; r$ (avg$, per 3articipant ()**, ()=C of com&ined salary,

HRD Associates Conflict Management Training