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0)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-BoldOblique: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Condensed-Bold: Standard "(501.

009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Condensed-BoldObl: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Condensed-Oblique: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Condensed: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Narrow-Bold: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Narrow-Oblique: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Narrow: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica-Oblique: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Helvetica: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font HoeflerText-Black: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font HoeflerText-BlackItalic: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font HoeflerText-Italic: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font HoeflerText-Ornaments: Special "(001.001)" Special Disk *Font HoeflerText-Regular: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font JoannaMT-Bold: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font JoannaMT-BoldItalic: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font JoannaMT-Italic: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font JoannaMT: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LetterGothic-Bold: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LetterGothic-BoldSlanted: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LetterGothic-Slanted: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LetterGothic: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LubalinGraph-Book: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LubalinGraph-BookOblique: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LubalinGraph-Demi: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font LubalinGraph-DemiOblique: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Marigold: Standard "(001.000)" Standard Disk *Font Monaco: Standard "(501.012)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font MonaLisa-Recut: Standard "(001.000)" Standard Disk *Font NewCenturySchlbk-Bold: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font NewCenturySchlbk-BoldItalic: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font NewCenturySchlbk-Italic: Standard "(501.011)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font NewCenturySchlbk-Roman: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font NewYork: Standard "(501.013)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Optima-Bold: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Optima-BoldItalic: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Optima-Italic: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Optima: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Oxford: Standard "(001.000)" Standard Disk *Font Palatino-Bold: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Palatino-BoldItalic: Standard "(501.007)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Palatino-Italic: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Palatino-Roman: Standard "(501.006)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font StempelGaramond-Bold: Standard "(501.007)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font StempelGaramond-BoldItalic: Standard "(501.012)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font StempelGaramond-Italic: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font StempelGaramond-Roman: Standard "(501.011)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Symbol: Special "(001.008)" Special Disk *Font Candid: Special "(001.008)" Special Disk *Font Taffy: Standard "(001.001)" Standard Disk *Font Times-Bold: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Times-BoldItalic: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Times-Italic: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font Times-Roman: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT: Standard "(501.011)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk *Font TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT: Standard "(501.011)" ExtendedRoman Disk

*Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font *Font

TimesNewRomanPSMT: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-Bold: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-BoldExt: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-BoldExtObl: Standard "(501.010)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-BoldOblique: Standard "(501.008)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-Condensed: Standard "(501.011)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-CondensedBold: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-CondensedBoldOblique: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-CondensedOblique: Standard "(501.011)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-Extended: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-ExtendedObl: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-Light: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-LightOblique: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers-Oblique: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Univers: Standard "(501.009)" ExtendedRoman Disk Wingdings-Regular: Special "(001.001)" Special Disk ZapfChancery-MediumItalic: Standard "(002.000)" ExtendedRoman Disk ZapfChanceryCE-MediumItalic: Win1250 "(002.000)" ExtendedRoman Disk ZapfDingbats: Special "(001.005S)" Special Disk

*?FontQuery: " save { count 1 gt { exch dup 127 string cvs (/) print print (:) print /Font resourcestatus {pop pop (Yes)} {(No)} ifelse = } { exit } ifelse } bind loop (*) = flush restore " *End *?FontList: " save (*) {cvn ==} 128 string /Font resourceforall (*) = flush restore. " *End *% end of PPD

*PPD-Adobe: "4.3" *% Adobe Systems Printer Description File *% For "KONICA MINOLTA mc4650 PPD" version 3010.042 *% Copyright(c) 2006 KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. All rights reser ved. *% Created: 09.07.07 *% Modified: 11/17/06 *% Platform: Windows *FormatVersion: *PCFileName: *FileVersion: *LanguageEncoding: *LanguageVersion: *LanguageLevel: *Product: *PSVersion: *Manufacturer: *ModelName: *NickName: *ShortNickName: *AcceptsTrueType: *PrintPSErrors: *Protocols: *ColorDevice: *DefaultColorSpace: *SuggestedJobTimeOut: *SuggestedWaitTimeOut: *%------*FreeVM: *VMOption *VMOption *VMOption "4.3" "KO4650PU.PPD" "1.0" ISOLatin1 English "3" "(KONICA MINOLTA mc4650 PPD)" "(3010.042) 2" "KONICA MINOLTA" "KONICA MINOLTA mc4650 PPD" "KONICA MINOLTA mc4650 PPD" "KONICA MINOLTA mc4650 PPD" True True TBCP True CMYK 0 300

Available Printer Memory "7168000" 256MB/256 MB: "7168000" 512MB/512 MB: "7168000" 768MB/768 MB: "7168000" "106.0" "45.0" Dot "{180 mul cos exch 180 mul cos add 2 div}" "{ pop }" "{ dup 5 mul 8 div mul exch dup mul exch add sqrt 1 exch Null "{ }" "{ 1 exch sub }"

*% Halftone Information *ScreenFreq: *ScreenAngle: *DefaultScreenProc: *ScreenProc Dot: *ScreenProc Line: *ScreenProc Ellipse: sub }" *DefaultTransfer: *Transfer Null: *Transfer Null.Inverse:

*TTRasterizer: Type42 *?TTRasterizer: " save 42 /FontType resourcestatus { pop pop (Type42)} {pop pop (None)} ifelse = flush restore" *End

*FileSystem: True *?FileSystem: " save statusdict /diskonline get exec {(True)}{(False)} ifelse = flush restore " *End *Throughput: "27" *Password: "0" *ExitServer: " count 0 eq { false } { true exch startjob } ifelse not { (WARNING : Cannot perform the exitserver command.) = (Password supplied is not valid.) = (Please contact the author of this software.) = flush quit } if " *End *Reset: " count 0 eq { false } { true exch startjob } ifelse not { (WARNING: Cannot reset printer.) = (Missing or invalid password.) = (Please contact the author of this software.) = flush quit } if systemdict /quit get exec (WARNING : Printer Reset Failed.) = flush " *End *%----- Installable Options ------------------------------------------------*OpenGroup: InstallableOptions/Installable Options *% ----- Optional Tray *OpenUI *OptionalBin/Paper Source Unit: PickOne *DefaultOptionalBin: None *OptionalBin None/Disabled: "" *OptionalBin Tray3/Unit 3: "" *CloseUI: *OptionalBin *% ----- Optional HardDisk and Memory Card *OpenUI *OptionalDisk/Storage: PickOne *DefaultOptionalDisk: None *OptionalDisk None/None: "" *OptionalDisk StorageA/CF(1GB Under): "" *OptionalDisk StorageB/CF(1GB Over): "" *OptionalDisk StorageC/HDD: "" *CloseUI: *OptionalDisk *% ----- Optional Duplexer *OpenUI *Optionalduplexer/Duplex Unit: Boolean *DefaultOptionalduplexer: False *Optionalduplexer True/Enabled: "" *Optionalduplexer False/Disabled: "" *CloseUI: *Optionalduplexer

*% ----- Installed Memory *OpenUI *InstalledMemory/Printer Memory: PickOne *DefaultInstalledMemory: 256MB *InstalledMemory 256MB/256 MB: "" *InstalledMemory 512MB/512 MB: "" *InstalledMemory 768MB/768 MB: "" *CloseUI: *InstalledMemory *CloseGroup: InstallableOptions *%----- Optional Bin Constraints *UIConstraints: *OptionalBin None *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *InputSlot Tray3 *OptionalBin None

*%----- Optional Duplexer Constraints *UIConstraints: *Optionalduplexer False *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *UIConstraints: *Optionalduplexer False *Duplex DuplexTumble *%----- MediaType - Tray2 Contraints *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Transparency *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Glossy *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Glossy2 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType LabelStock *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType ThickStock1 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType ThickStock2 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Letterhead *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Envelope *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Postcard *%----- MediaType - Tray3 Contraints *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Transparency *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Glossy *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Glossy2 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType LabelStock *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType ThickStock1 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType ThickStock2 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Letterhead *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Envelope *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *MediaType Postcard *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot Transparency Tray2 Glossy Tray2 Glossy2 Tray2 LabelStock Tray2 ThickStock1 Tray2 ThickStock2 Tray2 Letterhead Tray2 Envelope Tray2 Postcard Tray2

*MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot *MediaType *InputSlot

Transparency Tray3 Glossy Tray3 Glossy2 Tray3 LabelStock Tray3 ThickStock1 Tray3 ThickStock2 Tray3 Letterhead Tray3 Envelope Tray3 Postcard Tray3

*%----- MediaType - DUPLEX Contraints *UIConstraints: *Duplex DuplexTumble *UIConstraints: *MediaType Transparency *UIConstraints: *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *UIConstraints: *MediaType Transparency *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Glossy *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Glossy *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Glossy2 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Glossy2 *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType ThickStock1 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType ThickStock1 *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType ThickStock2 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType ThickStock2 *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType LabelStock *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType LabelStock *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Letterhead *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Letterhead *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Envelope *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Envelope *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Postcard *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Postcard

*MediaType Transparency *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Transparency *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Glossy *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Glossy *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Glossy2 *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Glossy2 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType ThickStock1 *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType ThickStock1 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType ThickStock2 *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType ThickStock2 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType LabelStock *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType LabelStock *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Letterhead *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Letterhead *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Envelope *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Envelope *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *MediaType Postcard *Duplex DuplexTumble *MediaType Postcard *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize A4Plus *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize Letter *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize ISOB5 *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize Foolsc *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize GLegal *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize Legal

*%----- PageSize - Tray2 Contraints *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *PageSize A4Plus *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 Plus *UIConstraints: *PageSize LetterPlus *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *PageSize ISOB5 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 ap *UIConstraints: *PageSize Foolscap *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2 *UIConstraints: *PageSize GLegal *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray2

*UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: arch *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: u3 *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: u4 *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: ard *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: PostcardRotated *UIConstraints:

*PageSize Legal *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize Com10 *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvDL *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvC6 *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvMonarch *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvChou3 *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvChou4 *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize JPostcard *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize DoublePostcardRotated

*InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize Com10 *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvDL *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvC6 *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvMon *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvCho *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize EnvCho *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize JPostc *InputSlot Tray2 *PageSize Double *InputSlot Tray2

*%----- PageSize - Tray3 Contraints *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 ent *UIConstraints: *PageSize Statement *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize A4Plus *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 Plus *UIConstraints: *PageSize LetterPlus *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize A5 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize A6 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize B6 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize 4x6 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize ISOB5 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 ap *UIConstraints: *PageSize Foolscap *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 to *UIConstraints: *PageSize UKQuarto *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 r *UIConstraints: *PageSize GLetter *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize Com10 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvDL *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvC6 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 arch

*PageSize Statem *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize A4Plus *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize Letter *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize A5 *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize A6 *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize B6 *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize 4x6 *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize ISOB5 *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize Foolsc *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize UKQuar *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize GLette *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize Com10 *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize EnvDL *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize EnvC6 *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize EnvMon

*UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvMonarch *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize EnvCho u3 *UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvChou3 *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize EnvCho u4 *UIConstraints: *PageSize EnvChou4 *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize JPostc ard *UIConstraints: *PageSize JPostcard *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize Double PostcardRotated *UIConstraints: *PageSize DoublePostcardRotated *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize 16K *UIConstraints: *PageSize 16K *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize Kai16 *UIConstraints: *PageSize Kai16 *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *PageSize Kai32 *UIConstraints: *PageSize Kai32 *InputSlot Tray3 *NonUIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *CustomPageSize True *NonUIConstraints: *CustomPageSize True *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *CustomPageSize *UIConstraints: *CustomPageSize *InputSlot Tray3


PageSize - Duplex Contraints *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize UKQuarto *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize UKQuarto *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize Statement *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize Statement *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize ISOB5 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize ISOB5 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize A5 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize A5 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize A6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize A6 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize B6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize B6 *PageSize UKQuarto *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize UKQuarto *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize Statement *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize Statement *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize ISOB5 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize ISOB5 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize A5 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize A5 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize A6 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize A6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize B6 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize B6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble

*UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints:

*UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: Rotated *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: Rotated *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints:

*Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize 4x6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize 4x6 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize Com10 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize Com10 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvDL *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvDL *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvC6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvC6 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvMonarch *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvMonarch *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvChou3 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvChou3 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvChou4 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvChou4 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize JPostcard *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize JPostcard *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize DoublePostcardRotated *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize DoublePostcardRotated *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize Kai32 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize Kai32

*PageSize 4x6 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize 4x6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize Com10 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize Com10 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvDL *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvDL *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvC6 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvC6 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvMonarch *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvMonarch *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvChou3 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvChou3 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize EnvChou4 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize EnvChou4 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize JPostcard *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize JPostcard *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize DoublePostcard *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize DoublePostcard *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PageSize Kai32 *Duplex DuplexTumble *PageSize Kai32 *Duplex DuplexNoTumble

*%----- EdgeType Contraints *UIConstraints: *KMEdgeType OFF *UIConstraints: *KMImageEdge True *UIConstraints: *KMEdgeType OFF *UIConstraints: *KMTextEdge True *UIConstraints: *KMEdgeType OFF *UIConstraints: *KMGraphicsEdge True

*KMImageEdge True *KMEdgeType OFF *KMTextEdge True *KMEdgeType OFF *KMGraphicsEdge True *KMEdgeType OFF

*UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints:

*KMEconoMode True *KMImageEdge True *KMEconoMode True *KMGraphicsEdge True

*KMImageEdge True *KMEconoMode True *KMGraphicsEdge True *KMEconoMode True

*%----- ColorSeparations Contraints *UIConstraints: *Separations True *UIConstraints: *KMSelectColor True *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *Separations True *Duplex DuplexTumble *Separations True *Duplex DuplexNoTumble

*KMSelectColor True *Separations True *Duplex DuplexTumble *Separations True *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *Separations True *InputSlot Tray3 *PrintOnBackside True *Duplex DuplexTumble *PrintOnBackside True *Duplex DuplexNoTumble *PrintOnBackside True *MediaType Transparency *PrintOnBackside True

*%----- PrintOnBackside Contraints *UIConstraints: *PrintOnBackside True *UIConstraints: *InputSlot Tray3 *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *UIConstraints: *PrintOnBackside True *Duplex DuplexTumble *PrintOnBackside True *Duplex DuplexNoTumble

*UIConstraints: *PrintOnBackside True *UIConstraints: *MediaType Transparency *%----- Optional Disk - Collate Constraints *UIConstraints: *OptionalDisk None *UIConstraints: *Collate True *UIConstraints: *OptionalDisk StorageA *UIConstraints: *Collate True

*Collate True *OptionalDisk None *Collate True *OptionalDisk StorageA

*%---------- Nearest Size and Scale *OpenUI *KMNearestSize/Nearest Size and Scale: Boolean *OrderDependency: 5 AnySetup *KMNearestSize *DefaultKMNearestSize: False *KMNearestSize True/On: "<</DeferredMediaSelection false>> setpagedevice <</Policies << /PageSize 3 >> >> setpagedevice" *End *KMNearestSize False/Off: "<</DeferredMediaSelection true>> setpagedevice" *CloseUI: *KMNearestSize *%====== Resolution + Print Quality *OpenUI *Resolution/Resolution: PickOne *OrderDependency: 10 AnySetup *Resolution *DefaultResolution: 600dpi *Resolution 600dpi/High Quality: "<< /HWResolution [600 600] >> setpagedevice" *?Resolution: " save currentpagedevice /HWResolution get 0 get ( ) cvs print (dpi) = flush restore

" *End *CloseUI: *Resolution *%---------- Media Type Option *OpenUI *MediaType/Paper Type: PickOne *OrderDependency: 20 AnySetup *MediaType *DefaultMediaType: PrinterDefault *MediaType PrinterDefault/Printer Default: "" *MediaType PlainPaper/Plain Paper: "<</MediaType (Plain)>> setpaged evice" *MediaType Recycled/Recycled: "<</MediaType (Recycled)>> setpagedevic e" *MediaType Transparency/Transparency: "<</MediaType (Transparency)>> set pagedevice" *MediaType Glossy/Glossy: "<</MediaType (Gloss)>> setpaged evice" *MediaType Glossy2/Glossy2: "<</MediaType (Gloss2)>> setpage device" *MediaType LabelStock/Label: "<</MediaType (Labels)>> setpagedevice" *MediaType ThickStock1/Thick 1 (91-150g/m2): "<</MediaType (Heavy)>> setpagedevi ce" *MediaType ThickStock2/Thick 2 (151-210g/m2): "<</MediaType (Card Stock)>> setpa gedevice" *MediaType Letterhead/Letterhead: "<</MediaType (Letterhead)>> set pagedevice" *MediaType Envelope/Envelope: "<</MediaType (Envelope)>> setpagede vice" *MediaType Postcard/Postcard: "<</MediaType (Postcard)>> setpagede vice" *?MediaType: " save currentpagedevice /MediaType {get} stopped {pop pop (Plain)} {dup null eq {pop (Plain)} if} ifelse = flush restore" *End *CloseUI: *MediaType *%---------- InputSlot Option *OpenUI *InputSlot/Paper Source: PickOne *OrderDependency: 30 AnySetup *InputSlot *DefaultInputSlot: Tray1 *InputSlot Tray1/Tray 1: "currentpagedevice /InputAttributes get 3 known { << /ManualFeed false currentpagedevice /orgTraySwitch 2 copy known { get /TraySwitch exch } { pop pop } ifelse /MediaPosition 3 >> setpagedevice } if" *End *InputSlot Tray2/Tray 2: "currentpagedevice /InputAttributes get 0 known { << /ManualFeed false currentpagedevic