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Part II ~ Proposed Solutions

! To secure food, the civilization of Giam

use the rainwater. The civilization of Gaim would need tons of water for back up in case there are droughts where the people cant get water. We would also need even more water for the crops. Since rainwater is unpredictable, the best way to do this is storing the water some way where it is accessible at all times. Like the people of the Arabian Peninsula, we would conserve the natural rainwater in canals and reservoirs (Frey 78). By digging canals, wells, and reservoirs, we would be helping our civilization by making modications (changes) to the land.

would rely on farming and trade. We would have to trade to get seeds, and things to plant, or to help us plant. The ground is already lush and fertile. Like the Greeks, we would grow and heavily rely on crops and fruits, like melons and pomegranates, (Frey 79). We would also have to trade with other cultures like the Arabian Peninsula who controlled valuable trade routes (Frey 77)! ! ! ! !

To get clean water, we would have to

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Law and Government

! A speaker shares an idea and tries to move the crowd in an assembly meeting

! !

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Maintaining Civil Order

An ancient government http://sjsdblogs.com/shelby kernshumanities/les/2013/ 09/246238-2ktc6hq.jpg

! Part I ~ Lessons on Democracy In Giam, I think that the best government

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would be a form of Direct Democracy. I learned from Greece (Athenian and Spar-

tan Government) that people should have power. Athens tried 4 different forms of government and found that letting the citizens rule and govern themselves is the best for the civilization. We still have this government over 2,000 years later. I personally like the Athenian government a little better because they give more rights to the Assembly, and there are more people involved. When the Assembly met, 6,000 citizens had to be present for a meeting to take place (Frey 261). In Giam, I want as many peo-

ple as possible to vote and propose laws because they represent a greater percent of Giams population. ! In Sparta, they have a combination of

a Democracy and Oligarchy. I personally dont like this form of government because it gives a lot of power to the Council of Elders and not that much to the Assembly (the people). The Assembly could only vote yes or no and could not propose laws. The Assembly had no say in decisions because Important decisions were made by a much smaller

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groupCouncil of Elders. (Frey 265) I do not think that is fair because sometimes the people that live everyday lives have the best ideas about how to change the civilization. They need to express their ideas and thoughts, and hopefully will change the civilization for the better. ! In Rome they learned that they

B.C.E. They were angry over the lack of power, the Plebeians marched out of the city and camped on a nearby hill. They refused to come back until the Patricians met their demands. The Patricians nally gave the Plebeians Veto Rights and they posted The Twelve Tables (written laws) so that the Patricians could no longer change them as they pleased. In Giam, I will give everyone equal rights. Every one in my civilization needs to be happy and feel involved in the government and law making.

needed to give everyone rights, rich or poor. The Patricians (rich) and the Plebeians (poor) had a struggle over political power called the Conict of Orders. The Plebeians decided to take action in 494
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I will take all of these lessons and use

laws and ideas to the Assembly. The Assembly is made up of all citizens that are willing to come. They can come to hear and vote on proposed laws, or even propose their own. All citizens must be 16 years or older to vote.

them for my new democratic government in Giam. In Giam, a group of 10 people will run the government. They will come up with and pass laws, tally votes, and be judges in the courtroom. The next most powerful group is the Council of 100. 100 educated people of any age (over 10) or gender will be chosen at random to be in this group. This group proposes laws based on problems in society, and they serve as jurors or defendants in a courtroom. They serve for 1 year and present

A government by the people for the people

http://www.northwindpictures.com/images/cats/J udicialHistoryImages/government.jpg

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the people. I have created ve basic laws Part II ~Code of Laws ! Since a growing population imposes for all of Giam. They are as follows: ! The rst and most important is that

threats to the civilization, there must be a code of laws to help protect the citizens of Giam. There are many threats to civilizations, some of which being harassment, murder, unlawful death, money issues, ending partnerships, criminal activity, women and childrens rights, and unequal treatment of the people. Civilizations have tried their best to address all of these issues by making laws that protect
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People cannot be owned, all people have equal rights and opportunities towards education, employment, and the pursuit of happiness. Since education is important in my society the second law states, You may not have a high position in government or a company unless you are well educated. The third law targets fairness, and says, If any form of partnership (marriage or business) is

ended, all possessions will be split equally unless both partners agree on a different solution. Peace is a great value in Giam, hence the fourth law, Any form of harassment towards humans (verbal or physical) or abuse of animals is considered a serious crime. Lastly, Any crime committed must result in jail time (if over 16) decided by the appropriate courtroom (consisting of a un-biased judge, jury, defense, and a prosecution) ! These laws and penalties will help

ful civilization. I have addressed ve things that I think are important values in a civilization in hope that people will follow and obey these laws. I have taken some of the values from Hammurabis Code, The Twelve Tables, and American laws that we have today. ! The rst law was inspired by the

American Constitution. I thought that this was a good law because it is not fair to discriminate by race or gender, and everyone should have an equal chance at leadership and happiness. The second

keep order so that there can be a success-

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law wasnt from any code of law but since I think education is very important I decided to incorporate it. The third law has to do with fairness and ending partnerships. In Hammurabis Code, the law about ending partner ship is, If she had been a bad wife, the Code allowed him to send her away, while he kept the children and her dowry; or he could degrade her to the position of a slave in his own house, where she would have food and clothing. She might bring an action against him for cruelty and neglect and, if she proved her

case, obtain a judicial separation, taking with her her dowry. No other punishment fell on the man. If she did not prove her case, but proved to be a bad wife, she was drowned. This law is not fair because it does not give rights to women. The woman might die, and the man gets to keep the children and the money that was hers in the rst place. The fourth law is a protection law. I dont want harassment to be legal, and I view it as a serious crime to beat up on someone equally strong, or weaker than you. Finally, the

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fth law has incorporated ideas from all of the civilizations we have studied. In Hammurabiis Code it states, If any one bring an accusation of any crime before the elders, and does not prove what he has charged, he shall, if it be a capital offense charged, be put to death. The Twelve Tables say, When anyone who has been summoned to court is guilty of evasion, or attempts to ee, let him be arrested by the plaintiff. Both law codes have a basic court system. I also took some ideas from the justice system we

have in America, since I felt like it was more developed and more recent then the others.

An ancient text written by Hammurabi stating laws for his civilization http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e8/Prologue_ Hammurabi_Code_Louvre_AO10237.jpg

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tent on improving the their life quality. Part III ~ Political Leadership Lessons from Julius Caesar He staged gladiator ghts that the poor could view for free. He also gave thousands of poor people work by starting projects that would benet the govern! The most important lesson that Giam ment like new roads and buildings. He put an end to slavery in agricultural terrain when he passed the law stating that 1 in 3 farm workers had to be roman citizens. This means that poor people who were unemployed could work for a ranch or farm. Lastly, he expanded the territory of Rome by giving land to peasants and can learn from the reign of Julius Caesar is to try to keep all groups of the civilization happy. The Senate of Rome gave Julius Caesar a ten year dictatorship (even though he was only alive for one). With this new power, Julius Caesar decided he needed to focus on the poor and was in-

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soldiers who had worked hard and worked for him. ! While he was trying his best to please

The aristocrats (wealthy) didnt like his behavior and began plotting a way to put an end to his rule. ! On March 15, 44 B.C.E, (1 year after

the poor, the rich were not happy. He strutted around wearing purple (royal color) and red sandals (shoes of the last line of kings). He stamped his face on coins and had statues built in his honor. He made poor choices in appointing government ofcials because he chose all of his friends and put them in high power spots. The rich farmers didnt like having to pay people instead of enslaving them.
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his dictatorship began) Caesar was backstabbed (literally). He walked into the senate building and a group of senators, including his best friend, attacked him with daggers and stabbed him 27 times. ! Caesar had been a great and very gen-

erous ruler, but his aw was overlooking a group of citizens. The civilization of Giam can learn from this and the leaders

of Giam will do their best to keep every one satised. Part IV: Political Leadership of Augustus Caesar There are many things that can be learned from the political leadership of Augustus Caesar. First of all, he tried his best to make everyone happy, rich or poor. He tried his best to learn from his predecessor, Julius Caesar, and not make the same mistakes. Augustus had a group of soldiers that surrounded him to make sure he wasnt assassinated. He also took steps
A marble bust of Julius Caesar
http://media.npr.org/programs/morning/features/2007/dec /blogging/caesar200-18062911c348e746d848e78aef3d7725f28e

that were more popular with the people


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like conquering more land for rome. !!

from now on he would enforce peace and security. He called it Pax Romana (Peace Of Rome). He disarmed the senate, and said they had all of the power, even though he was really in charge. He also lived in a small house and called himself rst citizen to make himself more relatable to the poor, and less susceptible to attacks. He gave the poor entertainment by bringing exotic animals into the forum. Augustus repaired the 82 of the main temples in Rome to show the people his loyalty. He allied with the people,

At the beginning of his career as ruler, he fought against Caesars conspirators and murderers (Cassius, Brutus). After killing Cassius and Brutus, Mark Antony (Augustus ally) ed to Egypt and started getting too friendly with the queen, Cleopatra. Augustus Caesar declared war in 31 B.C. This was the bloodiest battle in Augustus career. 75% of Egyptian soldiers died. ! ! Returning to Rome victorious, Augus-

tus promised the people of Rome that

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he made taxes more fair, and he would only conquer peacefully from now on. He also made some unpopular
An abandoned temple.

or any promiscuous or vulgar acts. he also raised taxes in 6 B.C for the soldiers. ! ! These tactics and ideas must have

worked because he died peacefully of old age in 14 A.D. He was one of Romes most successful rulers.

changes. He highly encouraged people to have fully functioning families. He taxed childless woman, and couples that didn't have kids. He made personal information and marriage laws public. All of this was an attempt to restore traditional family values, all though not all people agreed with this. He hated and banned adultery,
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A marble bust of Augustus Ceasar



ment, urban decay, and military spending. The poor were unhappy, jobless, and Part V: Downfall of Rome After the death of Augustus Caesar rome began its steady downfall. There was a decline in morals and values, political corruption, unemployment, urban decay, inferior technology, and military spending. There was also no way to choose emperors, and in 100 years 25 out of 37 emperors were assassinated. Out of all these problems however, the biggest issues were the political corruption, unemploy21
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living in buildings prone to re and disaster while the rich were spending money on parties where guests ate and drank until they threw up. The emperor spent money on certain things like the military but completely neglected other important matters like maintaining to the roads and aqueducts or providing housing for the poor. Most of the emperor was struggling to make it through the day, while others were wasting money on parties. I think

this was the main reason that Rome became corrupt and vulnerable for invaders. In Giam this would never happen because if we had a direct democracy people would see this issue coming. We would vote on how to spend money instead of the wealthy throwing it away on worldly items. This problem could also be prevented by spreading wealth. In stead of having super rich, and super poor, wealth should be spread more equally.this could be achieved by taxing the rich higher and giving the poor job opportunities. Of
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course wealth could never be completely equal, but having a wide variety like ancient rome denitely led to the fall of the empire.
Review 3.1 Government What government did the ancient Athenians have?

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