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Job Announcements Brittany Garcia HSCI 301 Fall 2011


Department of Health and Environmental Control The Department of Health and Environmental Control is located in Richland County, South Carolina. Title and Description The title of the job is the Agency Director. The director oversees the protections and promotion of public health and the environment of South Carolina. They also determine how the agency will coordinate and collaborate with community groups, private providers, and State and Federal organizations to enhance programs. As director, you must be able to coordinate the planning of all agency programs. The director serves and reports to the Department of Health and Environmental Control Board. Responsibilities As agency director, the main goal is to provide direction and leadership while operating and managing the agency. You must also use the agencys strategic plan to develop, administer, and evaluate the states health and environmental programs. It is also crucial that there is an increase in productivity while reducing waste and improving quality of services to customers. They must also determine and prioritize the rankings of programs for funding. The advisor must approve draft regulations, legislation and provisos that are presented to the General Assembly. Along with this, the agencys position on related issues must be decided before the General Assembly.


Requirements Applicants must have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in public health, environmental management, business administration, or related field; however, it is preferred that they have a Masters Degree as well. Ten years of leadership experience in the executive level management capacity and good communication skills are also required. There is no special certification needed. Internet Link


San Ysidro Health Center The San Ysidro Health Center is located in San Diego, California. Title and Description The title of the job is Health Educator. San Ysidro Health Center provides quality, low-cost health services in such areas including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, adult medicine, dental care, mental health, podiatry, radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy. The Health Educator will be responsible for providing health education to San Diego residents by creating and implementing health education, contacting perspective participants and giving presentations. Responsibilities There are many responsibilities that come with being a health educator and one of the most important ones is that you act as liaison to the community and to other organizations such as schools, clinics, and family resource centers. Among the other tasks that the Health Educator is in charge of are scheduling and presenting outreach community programs, creating and implementing curriculum, attending community meetings, creating activities that would lead to healthy lifestyles, and keeping accurate logs of participants in the programs implemented. Requirements Applicants must have a Bachelors Degree in Health Education, Social Work or Psychology along with a minimum of one year experience. They must also have their experience in health education. Communication skills, both verbal and public speaking,


are also necessary for this position in order to pass on accurate information between the community and the health center. Traveling throughout the county is also a large component to the job, so a car and valid drivers license are required as well. Internet Link


Boston Public Health Commission The Boston Public Health Commission is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Title and Description/Responsibilities The title of this job is Epidemiologist I and this person would work in the Surveillance and Technology Unit of the Research and Evaluations Office. The responsibilities include collecting, assessing, and analyzing public health program data along with outside data; produce maps, attend various types of meeting with agencies and community organizations; create data codebooks; gather information to analyze health data and create databases; make statistical and epidemiological reports; and must be able to work with various forms of data and programs/software. Requirements The requirements for this position include having a Masters Degree in Public Health or another related field. They must also have training and experience. It is also crucial that they understand the major epidemiological concepts. Experience in analyzing the different forms of data is needed as well as the use of software programs such as Excel, Access, and Epi Info. The applicant must also work well on a team. Boston residency or willingness to relocate is another requirement. Internet Link


Summary All of the jobs that I encountered were not necessarily entry-level. It seems that it is quite hard to obtain or even find any kind of job that would be considered entry-level. With todays economy, it is extremely difficult to get a decent job without the proper education. This is displayed in all of the education requirements given in these three job announcementsyou need as Masters Degree for them and it is even preferred that you have a higher level degree if possible. This is what will make getting a job more difficult and will require a setback or later start on a career in order to complete the necessary schooling to obtain that career. Another thing that I noticed was that these three listings in particular did not require any special type of certification such as the CHES. I would have assumed that that would be a requirement since you need to prove that you have credibility and have gained the necessary knowledge needed in order to do well in that job. Another thing that they all seem to have in common and put extreme emphasis on is you need to have a lot of years of experience and you need be the one that actually gives many presentations and structure/create the programs mainly on your own. Communication skills are very necessary in any career in the health field and that is something that I need to work on a bit more. As far as the planning of the programs, I certainly dont feel that I am ready or have enough knowledge to even begin to try and tackle something of such great proportions. I have only just started this major so I hope


that I will get more confident as the years progress and I learn more about the processes and planning.