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The Warehouse Madrid Upper Intermediate Course

1. I deserve to be happy. So does everyone else in this world. 2. I dont own a smartphone. 3. I adore good steaks. 4. The color orange doesnt suit me. 5. I respect people who dont drink any alcohol. 6. I dont envy people with high-powered jobs. 7. Some of my possessions used to belong to my mother-in-law. 8. I dont trust the government.

1. I go to the same place for my holiday every year. 2. This is a great book. Ive read nearly 100 pages already. 3. Jos working in Rome this month. Shes thinking of moving there permanently. 4. Shes being helpful today. Thats very unusual. 5. She has two jobs, but today she having the day off.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Ive been studying English for six or seven years. Ive known my neighbors since 2004. Ive had two holidays so far this year. Ive never been to Ireland. I dont know anyone whos won the lottery. Ive been going to bed quite late recently. In the last couple of months Ive become interested in politics. 8. Ive been working for my company since 2003. 9. Ive been looking for a new job, but I havent found one yet.

Political Economy Polluted Capitalism Environment Product Investment industrial

Overestimate Overrated Multicultural Multinational Antigovernment Antiwar Misunderstand Misused Nonsmoker Nonscientific Prewar Preview Pro-government Pro-hunting Self-discipline Self-reliant