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GoObserve Observation Report

Grand Blanc High School, Grand Blanc Community Schools

Name: Student Teacher (Bobby) Classification: Prob. 1st Yr. Observed by: Jeremy Mitchell Observation Date: Friday, March 7, 2014 at 9:20 AM Criteria: (MG) Understands curriculum and able to differentiate to student needs. (MG) Lessons, activities and assessments are planned and aligned with MI Approved Standards and Benchmarks. (MG) Adjusts lesson plan as necessary to differentiate instruction. Evidence of higher level questioning techniques. (MG) Have students actively think about, discuss, and use the ideas and skills being taught. (MG) Classroom rules, consequences, procedures, and routines are evident, consistent, fair and administered with respect. (EG) Classroom is always organized and set up to maximize learning and minimize safety concerns. (PTG) Utilizes limited disciplinary strategies and students are frequently not paying attention. (MG) Treats students with respect. Positively supports students. Activity Knowledge of Curriculum Comments The teacher is knowledgaeable about the topic (containment of communism), this was evident when he started the assignment with the analogy of the red Gatorade bottle. He also was speaking to students about the lesson without notes, which appeared as if he was prepared. Lesson observed is 3rd Hour US History on Friday March 7th. Lesson plans were available at the time of the lesson and is aligned to a state standard. The lesson objective is listed in the lesson plans, but is not posted in the room. The teacher includes a verbalization of the objective after he has gotten them hooked by analyzing a political cartoon.

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Lesson planning aligned

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During the station activity students are participating and on task... Students have a number of questions they have to answer in the time allotted at each station. Teacher greets his class as his students come into class. He verbalized to his students why observers are in class. He posted a political cartoon on the board and asks students to make assumptions about what is going on in the picture. The teacher then asks many questions to spark a deeper understanding of the cartoon, the objective, and an analogy of a "red Gatorade" and how it relates to the topic "containing communism". He then displays comical pictures of people spilling red Gatorade on themselves and relates it to political consequences of not containing communism. Students were asked high level questions and then they responded in chorale. The pace was quick and a number of students were still working on passing in papers from earlier while they were still answering questions. Students moved to the library and were assigned to different Cold War stations in the library in groups of 5-6. The teacher rotates to different groups and and gives guidance and answers questions "you should divide the tasks up, so you can accomplish your tasks in the 7 minutes you have at each station". Students are organized so they're attention is focused toward the front of the room and toward the teacher. Classroom rules are posted in the classroom. The teacher asks students to pass an assignment forward and students comply ( the assignment was left on the desks to be picked up at a later time). The teachers gave detailed instructions of how they were supposed to leave to the library, what they should and should not take, and where and how they should sit. At times he gave instructions to students and some were speaking while he was, and missed a specific instruction. A student asked another student what they should bring..

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Classroom Rules, Procedures, Routines



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Organization, Safety Record Keeping

Student Management

The teacher uses proximity well in the class in order to manage behavior, but at times he gave instructions to students and some were speaking while he was, and missed a specific instruction. A student asked another student what they should bring..

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