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RODGERS and HAMMERSTEIN present Te BING 1 Music by RICHARD RODGERS Book and Lyrics by OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II CFD ‘Based on the Novel “*Aona and che King of Siam"* by ‘MARGARET LANDON Directed by Jou vax: Davee Stings and lighting by Jo Mincziwnn Conmumes designed by Yann Seanar Choreography by Jexoue Rossa Orchustrations by Rowe Russats. Basar Muricsl Director Prnousice: Dvoxce VOCAL SCORE GEdited by Da. Aunenr Simmav) © Rodgers & Hanmer Theatre Liar, 229 Was 2 Sian, ih logy, New Yee NY. E41 “elope: 1212386%-40D Riese: 13208-1285 Beemer, RAE e994 The Kg Atl ane aera ned unr ers om The Roget earns Cnt onal i rls i Rc gers am Osco eaves lars Sue 9 ear emake Tut seve Richa Rags an Oscar Hannes th 4 oral wore contain hee First performance at the St. James Theatre, New York March 29, 1951 THE KING AND I Cast of Characters CAPTAIN ORTON votes -Cuances Francis LOUIS LEONOWENS...-.0 00 ccreoes Sanpy Kennnpy ANNA LEONOWENS cocceeccecsressGurtRupe Lawnancs THE INTERPRETER.....-......-- . Lrowarp Graves THE KRALAHOME. veces Joun Jourano THE KING. ..0....2..500 ce . You Brywnar PHRA ALACK ceccetees ceceereeecessersereee Ew Miner TUPTIM vo -Dorsrra Mozxow LADY THIANG....... ceveveettsseecssseeesssssDOROTHY SARNOFF PRINCE CHULALONGKORN. . Jonny Srewant PRINCESS YING YAOWALAK.....00000..00000000000+-Baavore Lez LUN THA.. : . . Larry Douctas SIR EDWARD RAMSAY 000.00. cscccescesseess--sRomme Cravan PRINCESSES AND PRINCES . . . Crisanta Cornejo, Andrea Del Rosario, ‘Marcia James, Barbara Luna, Nora Baez, Corrine St. Denis, Bunny Warner, Rodolfo Cornejo, Robert Cortazal, Thomas Griffin, Alfonso Maribo, James Maribo, Orlando Rodiguez THE ROYAL DANCERS . . . Jamie Bauer, Lee Becker, Mary Burr, Gemze DeLappe. Shellie Farrell, Marilyn Gennaro, Evelyn Giles, Ina Kurland, Nancy Lynch, Michiko, Helen Marielle, Prue Ward, Dusty Worrall and Yuriko WIVES . . . Stephanie Augustine, Marcia James, Ruth Korda, Suzanne Lake, Gloria Marlowe, Carolyn Maye, Helen Merrite, Phyllis Wilcox AMAZONS . . . Geraldine Hamburg, Maribel Hammer, Norma Larkin, Miriam Lawrence PRIESTS . . . Duarie Camp, Joseph Caruso, Leonard Graves, Jack Matthew, Ed Preston SLAVES .. . Doria Avila, Raul Celada, Beau Cunningham, Tommy Gomez ‘The Play is Divided into Two Acts. The Action Passes in and Around the King’s Palace, Bangkok, Siam. Time: Early Eighteen Sixties. Instrumentation Of Score Is As Follows: S5—VIOLINS [VL] 1—BASSOON [BSN) 2-VIOLAS (VA 3 TRUMPETS [TRP) 2—CELLOS [C 3—HORNS [HR] 1—BASS [B, 2TROMBONES [TROM] 2-FLUTES —(i Pic) [FL] 1—TUBA [18] 3—CLARINETS (1 BASS CLAR.) [ELAR] 1—HARP [FP] 1—OBOE [O8} 1—PERCUSSION [PER] Seating Plan For Orchestra Of The King And I" CLAR TT FLT) FL Te] [TROM] [TROM [GAR] CART] «= (V0 AR] a 2 8 vt} [vt (VA) TR) HP] (OB) (aj [CONDUCTOR VA) (HR