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Motor Vehicle Tax Calculator

(All figures below are in Zambian Currency :Zambian Kwacha(ZMK)) M

Type of motor vechicle Seclected Vehicles with spark-ignition engine of cylinder capacity greater than 1500cc but less than 3000cc: Other Capacity Between 1501cc and 2000cc HSCODE 87032390 Currency Selected American Dollar Value for Duty Purposes 11,877,336.00 Customs Duty @ 25 % 2,969,334.00 Excisable Value 14,846,670.00 Excise duty@ 30 % 4,454,001.00 Vatable Value 19,300,671.00 VAT @ 16 % 3,088,107.36 Carbon Emission Surtax(based on Engine 100,000.00 Capacity) Asycuda Fees 50,040.00 AIT 712,640.16 MVF 289,782.00 Total Payable 11,663,904.52

Please note that the taxes arrived at are merely estimates to help you provide sufficiently for the expected duties and taxes prior to the importation of the particular vehicle you may wish to consider . Incidentals related to and which form part of the cost of bringing the vehicle to its present location in its state and condition at the first port of entry into Zambia form part of the Customs Value .These costs shall be included in the final Customs Valuation of the vehicle on Official Declaration of the importation as per existing international (WTO) standards and legal requirements. Calculate again