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Hunger Games Reaping Scene TASK 1 E - D I have broken the scene down into KEY SHOTS.

S. You must now REDUCE these shots down to the TEN most important ones. For each shot then annotate the image under the following headings CAMERA ANGLE (see basic terminology below) COSTUME (use the rule of 3 to describe it) FACIAL EXPRESSION (use the rule of three to describe their emotions) PROPS (find and list as many as you can) LIGHTING (natural/ambient, bright, harsh etc KEY WORD AMBIENT) SETTING (use the rule of three to describe, KEY WORD DYSTOPIAN) TASK 2 D - A Beneath each image write a PEE chain explaining how teens/teenagers are represented in the image. BASIC TERMINOLOGY E - C EXTREME CLOSE UP (a shot which focus on just a small portion of the image, this usually connotes the object/item is important) CLOSE UP (a shot which usually focuses on a characters face so we can see what they are thinking and feeling) MEDIUM CLOSE UP (slightly further out than a close up, this is usually done so you can see a characters body language) MEDIUM SHOT (usually a character is shown from the waist up, this means you can see facial expression, body language and setting) TWO SHOT (a shot where TWO characters are in the frame at one time) MEDIUM LONG SHOT (a shot where you can see nearly all of the body of a character, the setting will usually be important in these shots, characters in the background may also be important) LONG SHOT (a shot in which you can see many characters or lots of detail about a setting) EXTREME LONG SHOT (sometimes called an establishing shot, this is a

shot which shows you lots of detail about a setting and the people in it) SHOT REVERSE SHOT (a sequence when the camera cuts between two characters speaking, usually used for dialogue and conversation) HIGH ANGLE (when the camera is slightly above the character to make them look weak) LOW ANGLE (when the camera is slightly below the character to make them look strong)

Brightly coloured outfit, stands out from the rest as the entire scene and characters within it are dressed in dull colours.

Mid shot. Shows dull setting behind her and Katniss panicking reflection within the monitor as she approaches the podium.

Glamorous, extreme makeup, independent.

Close up, shows strength in makeup, shows off her possible wealth compared to those in district 12.

Close up from behind (over the shoulder shot),

Extravagant clothing and hairstyle, stands out over dull background.

Close up/extreme close up, shows major horror within Katniss face.

Retro-futuristic setting, Katniss seems old fashioned, guards look futuristic.

Over the shoulder shot, based on viewpoint of Effie Trinket, looking over the reaping and the district.

Long shot of Katniss, Primrose and the guards, shows dull colours, dull clothing and bare makeup on Katniss and Prim.

Extreme close up of Katniss talking to her sister Primrose. Shows concern in her face towards her sister.

Over the shoulder shot of Primrose talking to her sister Katniss. Shows slight panic from the side of Primroses face.

Close up of Gale rushing away.

Focuses in on Gale, background characters blurry, Gale is clear.

Close up of the guards, close up/mid shot of Katniss walking towards the stage in the reaping.

No emotion is seen from the guards, Katniss seems worried but slightly puts this off within her eyes.

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