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Allowance of Passiveness

This pictures depicts sum of the millions of lives that were lost because of the death camps that were set up by Hitler. The Holocaust is one of the most cruel acts against humanity in history. The worst part about the Holocaust was that it could of ended much sooner. The US and other Allied nations knew of its existence and merely tried to stop it.

The Beginning of the End

This pictures shows the Japanese bombings of the US naval base Pearl Harbor in 1941. This event ended the United States’s neutrality and influenced them to wage war on Japan. This is one of the most important events in World War two because it marked the emergence of the US in the war, and the beginning of the end of World War two. Annihilation

This bombing influenced the surrender of Japan and the debate of the justification of nuclear warfare. This form of government ruled the this era and was the main cause of World War two and the deaths of millions of people. This form of government was championed by Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler The “Jewish” Problem .This pictures shows the aftermath of the atom bomb that the United states dropped on Hiroshima. 1984 The image above depicts a totalitarianistic government where the government controls every aspect of life in the country. This event proved to be catastrophic for Japan and was the first ever use of the atom bomb.

” This aggressive attitude was one of the causes that started world war two and without this thirst for more land. and that they are responsible for anything damaging to the German way of life. Poland. This shows the attitudes of the Nazi party towards jews. “Lebensraum. Hitler and Stalin both believed in expanding their reachs in order to have more space for what they wanted to accomplish or as Hitler said. which was later demonstrated by the mass genocide of Jews in Death camps. Lebensraum This image depicts the USSR and Nazi Germany fight to control.This pictures depicts anti-semitism in Nazing Germany by portraying that the jews are the cause of economic hardship in Germany. the second world war might not have happened. The Government Portrayal . and in the process destroy.

In reality. “saving the world from Hitler” because the British fended the germans off for those years. This mindset of the british was very impactful because Britain stood alone for a couple of years fighting Germany by themselves. other countries started adopting his ideologies and quickly became communist. The Illusion of People’s Choice . killed millions of people due to starvation and neglect.This piece of propaganda is the perfect example of how the government wants people to view their government. The perfect example of this was the China and their people’s republic. After Stalin took control of the USSR. This spread of communism worried the allied powers and especially the United States. He barely attended to the people’s needs and in result. is known for. This image shows Stalin as a leader for the people as he holds an innocent baby that is waving the USSR flag. Stalin was the opposite of that. It was especially catered to the frequent air attacks that Britain withstood during the war. The Red Disease This poster depicts the spread of communist from Russia to others countries. Chamberlain. and the US standing alone. Their Prime minister at the time. A National Slogan This poster spread throughout britain just months before the start of World War two and was an attempt to boost British morale.

This was congruent with totalitarian governments.This image is the perfect representation of a totalitarian government. Although countries like Germany and Russia did have elections. . they are instanly being disregarded. the determination of the next leader was never in the hands of the people but rather bestowed within the amount of power of the candidates. This image conveys that although people are casting their ballots.