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Daniel Brown

xxx S. Wynn Wood Cir.

Camden-Wyoming, DE 19934-4451

November 24, 2008

Department of Justice: Consumer Protection Unit

820 North French Street, 5th floor
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
302-577-8600 - 800-220-5424

Attention: Consumer Protection Unit

Subject: Consumer Protection Complaint Statement

I wish to file the attached consumer complaint statement on Investor's Realty. I ask that all of the
attached letters to the complaint be reviewed in order to understand the complaint I have with Investor's
Realty and the steps I have taken to try and have them corrected. While Investor's realty has taken the
necessary action in correcting one stated code violation/issue I feel that they are and will neglect the
other violations and concerns I have continuously stated to them.

Being born and raised in the small town of Delmar I entered the service after graduation to serve my
country in the military. During my 24 years of honorable service I served 12 of those years with the
Army's Special Operations supporting the governments counter-terrorism operations around the world
during the 80's and early 90's. There we relied on every soldier to personally to do what was right and
correct their deficiencies and shortcomings without being instructed to do so, to take personal
responsibility and accountable for what they did.

After my retirement I decided to return to my roots in Delaware where I purchased my first home in
Camden to enjoy a peaceful retirement. Had I known that I would be required to write extensive letters
to a home developer for what I would call a blatant disregard for established State Codes and
Regulations I would have stayed in New Jersey.

The attached letters supporting my complaint are lengthly but were written so the intent of each letter
was not missed or forgotten.

This email has been copied to each party concerned: Investor's Realty, DNREC, Wynn Wood
Homeowners Association.

Thank you,

Daniel Brown