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Step-by-step construction

A complete bill of materials.
Construction drawings and
related photos.
Tips to help you complete the
project and become a better
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Americas leading woodworking authority
Classic Project
Workbench Helper
Copyright Woodworkers Journal 2010
This pattern is copyrighted by Woodworker's Journal.
Purchasers of this plan may make three copies for
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the property of Woodworker's Journal and is not to be
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In this plan youll find:
Published in Woodworkers Journal July/August 1990
1 2010 W''d.')#e)2* J',)&a$
Ta&# 0', f') (,)ca*!&g +!* Woodworkers Journal C$a**!c P)'"ec+ ($a&.
Woodworkers Journal C$a**!c P)'"ec+* a)e *ca&* 'f %,c-$'-ed .''d.')#!&g ($a&* f)'% ',)
$!b)a)0 'f bac# !**,e*. P$ea*e &'+e +a+ *(ec!f!c ()'d,c+* a&d *',)ce* c!+ed !& a ($a& .e& !+
')!g!&a$$0 a((ea)ed %a0 &' $'&ge) be a-a!$ab$e.
If 0', e/(e)!e&ce a&0 ()'b$e%* .!+ +!* ($a&, ($ea*e c'&+ac+: !&f'@.''d.')#e)*"',)&a$.c'%
A++&: C$a**!c P)'"ec+*
W''d.')#e)2* J',)&a$
4365 W!$$'. D)!-e
Med!&a, MN 55340
Ta&# 0', aga!& f') 0',) (,)ca*e, a&d a((0 .''d.')#!&g!
Ma++ Bec#e)
I&+e)&e+ P)'d,c+!'& C'')d!&a+')
1 2010 W''d.')#e)2* J',)&a$