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A green building is an environmentally friendly building. What is an environmentally friendly building?

A green building is a building that uses natural lighting and ventilation as much as possible. It does not emit carbon dioxide, energy efficient. Making use of NATURAL LIGHTING By installing windows, transparent or translucent roofing sheets, light well, tubular lighting, glass windows, transoms on top of windows and doors, installing glass blocks,

Making use of NATURAL VENTILATION By installing windows and doors with emphasis to airflow, balusters on top and bottom of the window, Accessibility to public transport Water efficiency recycle of gray water, collect rain water, use of waterless urinals, water condensation,

Energy and atmosphere makes use of solar power, windmills, Materials and resources Indoor environmental quality Provide bicycles and showers Carbon dioxide sensors Sun shades Efficient chiller Glazed windows

USGBC recommends 40% window to wall ratio, it will save 7 to 8 % of lighting cost. USGBC United States Green Building Council LEED-CS Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design Core and Shell