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Appendix 1


Year Level:


Time: 2:00pm 2:45pm

Students Prior Knowledge: Completed matching activities on smart board Can identify landmarks Can identify the following animals; lion, fish, bird and polar bear

Date: 25 March 2014 Learning Area: Information Communication Technology and Science

Strand/Topic from the Australian Curriculum: Living things have basic needs, including food and water (ACSSU002). General Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson) Critical and Literacy Numeracy ICT
competence Ethical behaviour Personal and Social competence Intercultural understanding

creative thinking

Cross-curriculum priorities (may be addressed in the lesson)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures Proficiencies:(Mathematics only) Asia and Australias engagement with Asia Sustainability

Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb) As a result of this lesson, students will be able to: Drag and move the description to the correct animal using the smart board pen Attempt to identify the correct description to the animal

Teachers Prior Preparation/Organisation: Set up smart board activity Create the animal bubbles with animal name and picture Create the description bubble and leave at the bottom to be moved around Bring soft animals to the class (lion, fish, bird and polar bear

Provision for students at educational risk: Educator will read the description bubble to the children, if they are struggling to read. Educator will encourage children who feel lost with matching example: do you think it might match the lion?

LESSON EVALUATION (to be completed AFTER the lesson) Assessment of Lesson Objective and Suggestions for Improvement :

Teacher self-reflection and self-evaluation:

[OFFICIAL USE ONLY] Comments by classroom teacher, HOPP, supervisor:

LESSON DELIVERY (attach worksheets, examples, marking key, etc, as relevant)

Time Motivation and Introduction: Educator will have the soft toys next to her/him on the class mat. Soft animals toys 1. Educator Can anyone tell me what these animals are called? Children respond.... Educator What do we know about these animals? Children respond.... (Class will be in discussion for 5 minutes reflecting on the four animals) Resources/References

Lesson Steps (Lesson content, structure, strategies & Key Questions): 2. Educator Now class, we are going to be using our interactive white board today, to match one sentence describing one of our four animals. We have four bubbles for our four animals; lion, fish, bird and polar bear. Educator will read out the first description to the children to set an example of what is needed from them. Educator My skin is scaly and I live under water.... Who am I? If children have trouble, to promote their thinking the educator could say Does a lion have scaly skin and live under water? The children should respond with no. If educator needs to continue this until they have reached the fish, this is okay. 3. Educator will invite children up to the smart board to drag and move the description into the correct animal bubble. Children can attempt to read their desired description (educator will help along with reading if children need help). Once that description has been read, the child will move and drag the description to the animal bubble, if the child gets it incorrect the bubble will push the description back out and the child can try again. All children will be on the mat and can help and encourage their friend to the correct bubble. Interactive whiteboard Interactive white board pens

Lesson Closure:(Review lesson objectives with students) 4. Once all descriptions have been matched to the correct animal (at least every child would have done it once), they will reflect on the animals. Educator will have the soft animal toys again, holding up the fish and ask the children what do they now know about the fish that they didnt beforehand. Educator will do this for all four animals.

Transition: (What needs to happen prior to the next lesson?) Educator will now instruct the children to collect their shoes and grab their bags from outside to get ready for home.

Assessment: (Were the lesson objectives met? How will these be judged?) Check list Educator would have observed each child coming up to the whiteboard and matching the descriptions to the animals. All children would have used the interactive board and attempted to match the correct descriptions. A check list will be used with the objectives on the side next to the childs name. There will be given a tick if the child succeeded.