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Global Issues Final Assessment

Tuesday,March4: Wednesday,March5: Advisory9:009:40 Period29:4511:45 Lunch 11:5012:45 Period512:502:50 Thursday,March6: Period19:0011:00 Period311:101:10 Lunch 1:151:45 Period41:503:50
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Public Service Announcement For your final project of the term, you will choose 1-3 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and create a public service announcement (PSA) highlighting 1 case study that illustrates violations of those rights. The PSA should be between 3-5 minutes in length. Regular Schedule, Periods 1-5

Case Study Options

You will work alone or with one other person to create a podcast, screencast, video, website or other multimedia presentation (please approve other ideas with PB or Ms. V). The case study that you choose to use in your PSA must be a current example. The human rights violation must have occurred during this trimester. Please choose one of the countries below to begin your investigation of the violation of 1-3 specific articles within the UDHR. Two pairs may focus on the same country as their case study, but must select different UDHR articles that have been violated. Two pairs might focus their investigation on Russia, but only one of the pairs may examine human trafficking. The other pair could focus on the recent unveiling of anti-gay policies in Russia. This is a first come, first served arrangement. Please make your decision clear by the end of the period tomorrow, Friday: February 14.

1. North Korea 5. Somalia 9. Chechnya 13. Afghanistan

2. Iran 6. Romania 10. Ukraine 14. Iraq

3. Dem.Rep. of the Congo 7. Saudi Arabia 11. China 15. Colombia

4. Uganda 8. Russia 12. Pakistan 16. Mexico

PSA Required Elements

When you, or you and your ONE partner, create your presentation, you must be sure to include the following information within it: Part 1: Explain the historical context of your case study WITHIN THE PRESENTATION and include a MAP (who? what? when? where? why?): Part 2: Describe which Universal Rights are being violated, what is being done to help, and by whom WITHIN THE PRESENTATION (nations, organizations, etc.): Part 3: What is the United States obligation to uphold these universal human rights based on our Constitution? What can we do? What should the United States do? Make specific connections to the framing documents and democracy in the United States WITHIN THE PRESENTATION: Part 4: Each section above must include at least 1 piece of direct evidence (quotes from experts) to support your historical context, description of UDHR violations and recommendations WITHIN THE PRESENTATION. QUOTATIONS MUST APPEAR ON THE SCREEN, OR BE HEARD IF YOU ARE PUTTING TOGETHER AN AUDIO PRESENTATION: ****Part 5: You must submit a Works Consulted page including at least 5 text based sources AND all images that you used while crafting your PSA. The Works Consulted must be on 2 pages, one for print sources and one for images. YOU WILL PRINT OUT AND SUBMIT ONE COPY OF THIS WHEN YOU PRESENT YOUR PSA TO THE CLASS: ****Part 6: You will PRINT OUT AND SUBMIT all text based articles, a minimum of FIVE, and ensure that they are underlined and annotated. Theses sources must also be properly cited, using the MLA format, in your Works Consulted page: ****Part 7: Status reports THAT CHRONICLE YOUR PROGRESS. THESE INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: work day REPORTS (submitted at the end

of every work period), discussions with PB or Ms. V, storyboards and rough drafts of parts 1-6:

In-Class Work Time: Come prepared, with your laptop, if you need it, and all the information you need to work efficiently. 1. Friday, February 14 2. Thursday, February 20 3. Friday, February 21 4. Thursday, February 27 5. Friday, February 28 6. Monday, March 3 THE BEST PSAs WILL BE PRESENTED AT COMMUNITY MEETING, POSTED ON THE SCHOOLs WEBSITE AND SHARED AT A SCHOOL BOARD MEETING! Status Report 1: Due by the end of the period, Friday 2/14 On a separate piece of paper, by the end of the day, you and your partner (if you are working with another person) must provide the following information in writing: 1. Name of the person with whom you are working? 2. Country/Case Study: 3. Articles you will use (1-3) and how they are connected to your country/case study: 4. Which medium you will choose for your PSA: 5. List at least two of the websites/tutorials that you have consulted that will help you as you design/create your PSA. Make a list of at least three tips that you will use as you create your PSA 6. In addition to studying for your history of Russia quiz, see To Do doc for the terms/events you need to know, what will you (or you and your partner) do over the long weekend to move forward and take advantage of the two work days next week?