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Spring Arbor University School of Education Lesson Plan Guide: Direct Instruction Title: Article Summary/Review Subject: English

Grade Level: 10 Time Allotted: 55 minutes

Materials Required: Hamburger Paragraph graphic organizers. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Common Core Standards: (write out) RI.9-10.2 - Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text. W.9-10.2 - Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content. Objective(s): A portion of the Common Core Standard stated in terms of Blooms taxonomy (level/verb) The student will learn to organize the main points of an article, structure a paragraph and apply the lesson to a writing assignment.

Purpose: Learn to organize main points, summarize and provide an opinion of an article _____________________________________________________________________________________ Instructional Procedure: What information do students need to accomplish the objective? 1. Anticipatory Set: a. Ask the students if any of them are tired? Ask the students if they have any electronic devices in their bedroom? Have they ever noticed the light they emit? Explain to them that the light emitted from those devices may be interrupting their sleep. 2. State Purpose and Objective of Lesson: a. I will tell the students I want them to learn a new way to pick out the main topic and main points of an article and a new way to organize a summary of the article. (With graphic organizer provided.) b. I will then tell students that they can use these skills to organize their thoughts about articles in school and in the real world outside school. c. Students will comprehend how to pick out Main Topic and supporting details in nonfiction. Students will be able to correctly identify the main idea and at least two supporting details. d. Students will apply knowledge about the main points and supporting details by summarizing a current event article. Students will be able to correctly identify the main idea and at least two supporting details and use them in their opinion/summary paper.

SOE Faculty, 2/26/10

3. Plan for Instruction: a. Modeling i. After students silently read the article, I will read it out loud to the class. ii. I will explain the graphic organizers and fill it out with the class through a class discussion about the article. b. Guided Practice: i. After discussion, I will walk around the class ensuring the students are filling out their graphic organizers appropriately. c. Independent Practice: After the graphic organizers are filled out correctly, the students will use them to write their summary/opinion of the article. 4. Differentiation Considerations: a. I enlarged the print on the article for students with visual impairments. b. The students will read the article, and then I will read it out loud to class. c. I wrote the opinion question on the board, read it out loud and individually repeated it to students with visual impairments. 5. Assessment: a. Summative The summary/opinion will be graded after self and peer review and editing. b. Formal Formative Students will turn in their Story Star graphic organizer with their argument paper. This will count toward the students non-academic grade for completing the graphic organizer. 6. Closure: a. After filling out the Hamburger Paragraph and working on their summary/opinion paper, I will summarize the Hamburger Paragraph graphic organizer and summary/opinion at the end of class. 7. Co-teaching

Teacher Reflection: What did I want the students to learn? I wanted the students to learn a new technique for organizing the main points and supporting details of an article and how to organize a summary paragraph. How will I know they learned it? I will review their graphic organizers and their summary and opinion. What will I do for the students that didnt? Repeat this lesson with the same graphic organizers with more guided practice. What will I do for the students that did? Repeat this lesson with the same graphic organizers with more independent practice. What went well? What would I change if/when I teach this again?

SOE Faculty, 2/26/10