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REQUISITES 1. 2. 3. 4. . %. All businesses must register and maintain accurate company contact information.

All information submitted must be verified before being granted access to proprietary areas. All persons registered must own an operate a legal business, company, charity, organization or other stately recognized enterprise. Any business requesting access may be required to undergo an entry interview or maybe required to submit additional documentation to prove business or personal identity. All registrations received are processed on a first come basis, and may ta!e 4 to " wee!s to complete the verification process. #$pedited processing is available for a small fee. &f additional information or documentation is requested to complete the verification process, you are responsible for submitting the requested correspondents in a timely manner. 'ailure to submit required information in adequate time may result in unnecessary delay or being denied access to the system. USAGE POLICY 1. 2. 3. 4. . %. ,. ". (pon completion of the verification process, you will be granted unlimited access to proprietary areas. All registered businesses are required to e$ercise professionalism at all times when using commentary portion of the site, and when contacting potential candidates. )y becoming a registered business, you agree to only use personable information for the sole purpose of considering candidates for employment. (nder no circumstances are you to use personable and identifiable information for spam, harassment, or any other illegal manner. *ou understand that we ma!e no guarantees to the correctness or accuracy of information contained in each candidates profile, and that all information is solely completed and submitted by the individual. *ou are not under any circumstance, to gain access to +iewblog site with the intent to steal, duplicate, sell, or imitate in any way shape or form create another service or site li!e +iewblog or violate and our business li!eness. *ou are not under any circumstance to engage in any form of racial, se$ual, culture, gender, creed, nationality, and other forms of immoral and illegal discrimination of any candidate. *ou agree to hold harmless from any adverse actions arising from you utilizing +iewblog-s services including. business loss, personal damage, and other negative circumstances from hiring or contacting a candidate from +iewblog-s website. CONFIDENTIALITY As a registered business you are hereby required to e$ercise complete discretion and confidentiality of proprietary and sensitive information. *ou agree to e$ercise caution as to secure information obtained and viewed at your location by you, your wor!ers, your employees, your associates, and your affiliates. *ou agree to not obtain information for the purpose of redistributing, renting, spamming or otherwise intentionally accessing information for personal gain or for any other purpose than for employment screening and employment consideration. ADVERSE ACTIONS /epending on the severity of the violation, any registered business found guilty of violating any of the terms stating herein may and can be. 'ined a large penalty fee 0emporarily suspended from utilizing +iewblog-s services 1ermanently banned from utilizing +iewblog-s services 2eported to the proper authorities 2eported to the )etter )usiness )ureau

+iewblog reserves the right to e$ercise any of the fore mentioned adverse actions at its sole discretion with or without prior notice given to you or your company representatives.