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Portofolio 2 Dear.


1.Daybook: My second portafolio looks kind of the same like the first portaflio because it is the same work but different kind of learning exercice and assignments. Specially for the daybook, we had to take a few pictures from our daybook and trying to explain in which concists everyone and for which reason you put it and if it was hard or/and you liked to do it. I think this task was intereseting and hard to do because we had to choose one more instead of only three. But was fine. In the daybook I always learn because I have to write so many papers and writings into the days and assignments and I think it is important to improve more and more my English during the weeks. I think I was doing very good this time and for this reason I'm going to grade with a B. 2. Writing Assignments: Writing assignments is the hardest thing for me because of my English and not the first lenguage for me. With that I say that I can always try to improve my writings and all my papers, but because of my English, I could not write with a lot of different vocabulary yet. But this is good because now it is been hard for me but in the future I will read it and I will probably laugh because I will see that I learned so much with the assignments and I will see that at this time I will have so many options to write and a lot better vocabulary. Also in my papers and writing asssignments I'm using a lot of metacognitive processes which means that I think what I'm thinking to do at the moment that I'm going to write and I think that this sometimes helps me. More over, all the writing into the days for me are going good because this kind of tasks helps you to be consistent during the days because we always do one writing into the day before start the class, and I think that this can help me more and also learn faster. In writing assignments I'm working hard everyday and I will score me with a B+. 3. Reflection and self assestment: I will grade with a B. I think that for me it is harder to speak than to write because speaking with people can understand you easily only if you tell them carefully and with good words but not always understand at all but in the papers I think is easier because I can think with more time and I can use the aproppiated words and with a good grammar they can probably understand me. One example is when I was explaining my power point, it was hard to speak for me because is it not regularly speak in english for me and was not easy for understand me everything.