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UNIT 9: Protein Synthesis & Biotechnology Biology I

DAYSHEET 97: Protein Synthesis & Biotechnology Review

Name _____________________________________ Date: __________
Catalyst/Bellringer: This is your practice quiz. Use your notes to help you answer the
following questions.

4. You are attempting to cut a piece of DNA in order to isolate the gene for human insulin. Therefore, the
best place to cut the gene would be before the gene starts and after the gene stops. Restriction enzymes cut
genes at specific sequences of bases. What sequence of bases would be the best place for cutting this piece of


5. The DNA fingerprints were made from blood samples taken
from a puppy and four possible sires of this puppy in a effort to
determine the puppys pedigree. According to this
information, which sire was probably the father of this puppy?

1. 1urn Lhe unA molecule below lnLo an m8nA. 1hen use Lhe
geneLlc code charL on Lhe lefL Lo deLermlne Lhe sequence of
amlno aclds LhaL wlll be creaLed from Lhe m8nA molecule.
2. WhaL process converLs unA lnLo m8nA?
a. LranslaLlon b. repllcaLlon c. LranscrlpLlon d. amlno aclds
3. WhaL process converLs m8nA lnLo a proLeln?
a. LranslaLlon b. repllcaLlon c. LranscrlpLlon d. amlno aclds

6. This chart compares the base sequences of homologous segments of DNA from four flowering plants.
Based on this information, how many differences in the resulting amino acid sequence would you expect
to find between roses and tulips?


a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

7. ln order Lo form recomblnanL unA, sclenLlsLs have found a way Lo cuL a unA segmenL uslng an enzyme
named !"#$%%%. 1hls enzyme cuLs unA wherever Lhe sequence C-C-C-A-C occurs. 1he cuL ls made
beLween Lhe C and Lhe A base. Whlch of Lhese would resulL lf !"#$%%% were used on Lhe unA ln Lhe
dlagram below?

8. LasL week, pollce offlcers were called Lo lnvesLlgaLe a
vlolenL crlme ln Lhe area. ollce were able Lo collecL a blood
sample from Lhe crlme scene, and eyewlLnesses ldenLlfled
Lhree lndlvlduals (SuspecL A, SuspecL 8, and SuspecL C)
leavlng Lhe scene of Lhe crlme. SuspecL 3 had an allbl,
leavlng only SuspecL A or 8 as Lhe poLenLlal perpeLraLor. AL
Lhe crlme lab, sclenLlsLs analyzed unA from SuspecL A,
SuspecL 8, and Lhe unA from Lhe crlme scene uslng unA gel
elecLrophoresls. 8ased on Lhe gel, whlch suspecL
commlLLed Lhe vlolenL crlme? Pow do you know?

9. Label the following image using the words provided in the word bank:

Biology Objective: I can use my knowledge about protein synthesis and biotechnology to
mastery my examination.

Homework 97 is due next class!

Activity 1: Biotechnology Challenge Questions

1. uL Lhe followlng sLeps Lo creaLlng a Lransgenlc organlsm ln order:

____ uL Lhe unA back lnLo Crganlsm 2
____ lnserL Lhe unA lnLo Lhe unA of Crganlsm 2 (mlx Lhem)
____ 1ake Lhe deslred gene from Crganlsm 1
____ Crganlsm 2 has a new LralL
____ Crganlsm 2 undergoes mlLosls
2. Whlch sLaLemenL besL descrlbes Lhe resulL of some of Lhe processes lnvolved ln geneLlc englneerlng?

A. 1hey alLer Lhe arrangemenL of heredlLary maLerlal.
8. 1hey provlde energy for mlLosls and melosls.
C. 1hey are necessary for normal gameLe formaLlon.
u. 1hey reduce varlaLlon ln organlsms LhaL reproduce asexually

3. SLrawberrles have been creaLed Lo reslsL Lhe harmful effecLs of frosL. 1hls ls an appllcaLlon of whaL?

A. CeneLlc englneerlng
8. unA flngerprlnLlng
C. Cene Lherapy
u. Clonlng

4. 1he Lechnlque lllusLraLed ln Lhe dlagram ls mosL llkely

A. Clonlng C. roLeln synLhesls
8. C. Cel elecLrophoresls u. CeneLlc englneerlng

3. 8y whlch process can a group of geneLlcally ldenLlcal planLs be produced from Lhe cells of a slngle planL?

A. Screenlng C. Clonlng
8. CeneLlc englneerlng u. Melosls

6. WhaL ls Lhe process LhaL ls used Lo creaLe a unA flngerprlnL called?

A. Melosls
8. 1ransgenlc organlsm
C. Cel elecLrophoresls
u. Clonlng

7. ?ou wanL Lo lnvenL a new organlsm LhaL wlll be useful Lo socleLy ln some way. WhaL wlll you creaLe?

a. WhaL Lwo seLs of unA wlll you comblne?

b. WhaL wlll Lhe new organlsm be able Lo do?

c. Why wlll Lhls beneflL socleLy?

d. uraw a plcLure of whaL you wlll do ln Lhe lab Lo make Lhe organlsm (hlnL: refer Lo your noLes)

8. uraw a unA flngerprlnL LhaL shows Lhree planLs. 1wo planLs should be of Lhe SAML specles, and Lhe Lhlrd planL ls of
a dlfferenL specles:

9. Whlch suspecL ls llnked Lo Lhe crlme scene by Lhls unA analysls?
a. SuspecL A
b. SuspecL 8
c. SuspecL C
d. SuspecL u

"#$%&'( )*+, -,&.'(/0
123 &,4 5.* $%&(56 7*,4 6'7'%&, 58&( 584 58',-9
10. uslng Lhe lmage below, whlch planL specles ls mosL closely relaLed Lo Lhe
common ancesLor?

A. Specles 2
8. Specles 3
C. Specles 4
u. 1hey are equally relaLed

11. ln Lhls carLoon famlly, Lhe moLher and faLher have 1 adopLed
chlld and 1 chlld Lhey had LogeLher. ln addlLlon, Lhe moLher had
1 chlld from a prevlous relaLlonshlp and Lhe faLher had 1 chlld
from a prevlous relaLlonshlp.

a. Whlch chlld ls Lhe adopLed chlld?

b. Whlch chlld ls Lhe moLher's chlld from a prevlous

c. Whlch chlld dld boLh parenLs have LogeLher?

d. Whlch chlld ls Lhe faLher's chlld from a prevlous relaLlonshlp?

Activity 3: Protein Synthesis Challenge Questions


!" #$% '(% )*+ ,-.% '- ,/%0'% 1-2/ 34*+ ,-.%"

5" #$% '(% 34*+ ,-.% '- ,/%0'% 1-2/ '4*+ ,-.%"

6" #$% '(% 34*+ ,-.% 07. '(% 8%7%'9, :-.% '- .%'%/397% 1-2/ 0397- 0,9.$"

;" +7$<%/ 071 =2%$'9-7$ >1 !"#!$"%& '(% ,-//%,' 07$<%/"






5" 34*+ 9$ 30.% .2/97? @'/07$,/9A'9-7B'/07$C0'9-7D"

6" 34*+ 9$ 30.% 97 '(% @,1'-AC0$3B72,C%2$D"






E" )*+ 9$ C-,0'%. 97 '(% @72,C%2$B,1'-AC0$3D

1 C C C C C C A C A C 1 C A C

C C C 1 A 1 C C A

F" @34*+B/4*+D 9$ 2$%. '- ,0//1 '(% ?%7%'9, ,-.% G/-3 )*+ '- '(% /9>-$-3%$"

H" @'4*+B/4*+D 30I%$ 2A '(% /9>-$-3%"

J" @)*+B4*+D 2$%$ 2/0,9C 97$'%0. -G '(1397%"

K" @4*+B0397-D 0,9.$ 30I% 2A 0 A/-'%97"






!!" M/07$,/9A'9-7 '0I%$ AC0,% 97 '(% @72,C%2$B,1'-AC0$3D"

!5" '4*+ 9$ 2$%. 97 @'/07$C0'9-7B'/07$,/9A'9-7D"

!6" '4*+ 2$%$ @07'9,-.-7$B,-.-7$D '- 30',( '- '(% 34*+"

!;" N/-'%97$ 0/% 30.% 0' '(% @72,C%2$B/9>-$-3%D"

!E" @'4*+B34*+D 0''0,(%$ '(% 0397- 0,9.$ 97'- 0 ,(097"

!F" '4*+ 9$ G-27. 97 '(% @72,C%2$B,1'-AC0$3D"

!H" @M/07$C0'9-7BM/07$,/9A'9-7D ,-7O%/'$ 34*+ 97'- 0 A/-'%97"

!J" M/07$C0'9-7 '0I%$ AC0,% 97 '(% @,1'-AC0$3B72,C%2$D"

!K" @)*+B4*+D ,07 C%0O% '(% 72,C%2$"

5L" @M/07$C0'9-7BM/07$,/9A'9-7D ,-7O%/'$ )*+ 97'- 34*+"

1 C C 1 C 1 C C 1 A C 1 C C

Activity 4: Protein Synthesis Computer Simulation


1. You will need your USB keyboard to complete this activity.

2. Open internet explorer and type in the following- http://tinyurl.com/biomonsters

3. Practice turning DNA into mRNA, and mRNA into an amino acid chain.

HW97: Reviewing the Scientific Method Biology I

Name: __________________________ Date: ______________________

:',4;5'*(60 ln Lhe scenarlos below, ldenLlfy Lhe followlng componenLs of an experlmenL.
1. lndependenL varlable
2. uependenL varlable
3. ConLrol group
4. LxperlmenLal group
3. PypoLhesls: 8e sure Lo wrlLe your hypoLhesls ln Lhe followlng formaL: lf Lhe (lndependenL varlable - descrlbe
how lL wlll be changed), Lhen Lhe (dependenL varlable - descrlbe Lhe effecL).

***8e sure Lo use LesL-Laklng sLraLegles whlle you read Lhrough each scenarlo. 1hls means you are Lo underllne,
hlghllghL, or clrcle lmporLanL lnformaLlon ln each paragraph.
<;4(&,'* =0 >%**, 1&#
A shopplng mall wanLed Lo deLermlne wheLher Lhe more expenslve 1ough SLuff" floor wax was beLLer Lhen Lhe cheaper
SLeel Seal" floor wax aL proLecLlng lLs floor Llles agalnsL scraLches. Cne llLer of each brand of floor wax was applled Lo
each of 3 LesL secLlons of Lhe maln hall of Lhe mall. 1he LesL secLlons were all Lhe same slze and were covered wlLh Lhe
same klnd of Llles. llve (3) oLher LesL secLlons recelved no wax. AfLer 3 weeks, Lhe number of scraLches ln each of Lhe
LesL secLlons was counLed.
1. lndependenL varlable: _________________________________________
2. uependenL varlable: __________________________________________
3. ConLrol group: ______________________________________________
4. LxperlmenLal group: __________________________________________
3. PypoLhesls:

<;4(&,'* ?0 @*7$*65 &(- A4&( B%&(56
AfLer learnlng abouL recycllng, members of !ohn's blology class lnvesLlgaLed Lhe effecL of varlous recycled producLs on
planL growLh. !ohn's lab group compared Lhe effecL of dlfferenL-aged grass composL on bean planLs. 8ecause
composlLlon ls necessary for release of nuLrlenLs, Lhe group hypoLheslzed LhaL older grass composL would produce Laller
bean planLs. 1hree flaLs of bean planLs (23 planLs/flaL) were grown for 3 days. 1he planLs were Lhen ferLlllzed as follows:
(a) llaL A: 430 g of 3-monLh-old composL, (b) llaL 8: 430 g of 6 monLh-old composL, and (c) llaL C: 0 g composL. 1he
planLs recelved Lhe same amounL of sunllghL and waLer each day. AL Lhe end of 30 days Lhe group recorded Lhe helghL
of Lhe planLs (cm).
6. lndependenL varlable: _________________________________________
7. uependenL varlable: __________________________________________
8. ConLrol group: ______________________________________________
9. LxperlmenLal group: __________________________________________
10. PypoLhesls:

<;4(&,'* C0 A,&(-6 *D @&, 1&#
!ack wanLed Lo LesL whlch brand of car wax was mosL effecLlve. Pe LesLed four brands of wax. Pe cleaned Lhe hood of
hls car and removed Lhe old wax. Pe measured four equal secLlons on Lhe hood of Lhe car. Lach of Lhe waxes was used
Lo cover a secLlon. An equal amounL of wax, Lhe same Lype of rag, and equal bufflng were used. llve drops of waLer
were placed on each square, and Lhe dlameLer of each drop was measured (cm) (quanLlLaLlve). !ack could have used a
quallLaLlve dependenL varlable by developlng a raLlng scale for amounL of shlne, from dull Lo very shlny.
11. lndependenL varlable: _________________________________________
12. uependenL varlable: __________________________________________
13. ConLrol group: ______________________________________________
14. LxperlmenLal group: __________________________________________
13. PypoLhesls:

@8&%%4(/4 E+465'*(60 8ead Lhe followlng scenarlos below. ueLermlne whaL ls wrong wlLh Lhese sclenLlflc meLhod
<;4(&,'* F0 B4,D+746 &(- A446G A48&H'*,
!oAnna red LhaL cerLaln perfume esLers would aglLaLe bees. 8ecause perfume formulas are secreL, she declded Lo
deLermlne wheLher Lhe unknown LsLer x was presenL ln four dlfferenL perfumes by observlng Lhe bee's behavlor. She
placed a saucer conLalnlng 10 mL of Lhe flrsL perfume 3 m from Lhe hlve. She recorded Lhe Llme requlred for Lhe bees Lo
emerge and made observaLlons on Lhelr behavlor. AfLer a 30-mlnuLe recovery perlod, she LesLed Lhe second, Lhlrd, and
fourLh perfumes. All experlmenLs were conduced on Lhe same day when Lhe weaLher condlLlons were slmllar, LhaL ls, alr
LemperaLure and wlnd.
16. WhaL ls wrong wlLh Lhls experlmenL? ________________________________________________
<;4(&,'* I0 !"#$ &$'( &(- B%&(&,'&
!ackle read LhaL &'() +)," promoLed heallng on burned Llssue. She declded Lo lnvesLlgaLe Lhe effecL of varlous amounLs
of &'() +)," on Lhe regeneraLlon of planarla. She blsecLed Lhe planarla Lo obLaln 10 parLs (3 heads and 3 Lalls) for each
experlmenLal group. She applled concenLraLlons of 0, 10, 20, and 30 &'() +)," Lo Lhe groups. llfLeen mL of &'()
+)," soluLlons were applled. All planarla were malnLalned ln a growLh chamber wlLh ldenLlcal food, LemperaLure, and
humldlLy. Cn day 13, !ackle observed Lhe regeneraLlon of Lhe planarla parLs and caLegorlzed developmenL as full,
parLlal, or none.
17. WhaL ls wrong wlLh Lhls experlmenL? ________________________________________________