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TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario: WHEREAS: Inflation has risen almost 37% in the 21 years since 1993, and with the cost of Ostomy supplies rising, on average, 2% yearly, WHEREAS: There has been no increase in the ADP base amount. WHEREAS: According to the 2009 survey, the data indicates that the average Ostomy pouching system wear-time (flange and pouch) is 5 days. WHEREAS: With an average suggested retail price of $15 for each change, many persons with an Ostomy are spending a minimum of $1,500 and an average of $2400 per year, far exceeding the ADP grant and the intent of the 75% coverage. WHEREAS: Additionally, people with a temporary Ostomy receive no government support, adding an additional burden to their health care needs. WHEREAS: They may have their temporary Ostomy for a number of years, they receive no assistance through the ADP Grant as the Ostomy may one day be reversed. WHEREAS:The Association frequently receives phone calls from people who are unable to find the money to buy Ostomy supplies. WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: To act now and to raise the ADP Grant amount to increase the coverage for Ostomy supplies back up to the 75% level that was set in 1993, and to increase coverage to include people who have a temporary Ostomy. Name (printed) Address (printed) Signature