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Blend, Convey and
Control with
CRG Logics
Simplicty blenders
Mono layer or coex from 1/4PPH of an additive pellet to 6,000PPH of a regrind flake
The SIMPLICITY uses industry proven off-the-shelf components like maintenance
free vibratory feeders. These feeders perform simultaneous metering of all compo-
nents, eliminating the need for mechanical mixing, while consistently producing the
desired blend. A color touch screen provides the operator an easy to use interface
with built in help screens. The PLC based control is highly accurate and reliable to
assure total system functionality and integration, and is far superior to industry
standard proprietary controls

Smart Connection
Smart Connection System is a revolutionary development to convey multiple
materials to multiple production lines. The smart connections allows a single
common material line to be used in applications with multiple vacuum pumps. The
smart connection system determines how your system is connected and then
sequences draws on a material line. A 10 silo system being serviced by 3 vacuum
pumps would require 30 common material lines. Smart Connect requires 10. It
can also verify that the actual material connections match the recipe.

material convey
CRG Manufactures a complete line of material convey components including
pumps, receivers, dust collectors, and tubing and hardware. Our innovations are
numerous including VFD convey control, Vacuum Sequence Manifolds, and Angel
Hair Traps.

Put yourself back in control with CRG. Field proven, off-the-shelf, PLC based retrofit
controls for any resin blender (batch or continuous) through complete co-extrusion line
solutions. Simple to operate and maintain. Remote access monitoring available.

integrated systems
Turn Key System Design and Installation. From railcar to machine throat.

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