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Building Up Our Bodies: 2 Step Process

Morgan King

Step 1: Nutritious Meals

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What is Nutrition?

Maecenas et lorem. dolor Nutrition is the process of getting food into your body and using it as raw materials for Ut et nisl id turpis growth, fuel for energy, and vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy and varius faucibus. functioning properly (Jegtvitg, 2014). Integer et felis. Sed libero.

Choosemyplate.gov explains the FIVE parts of a healthy meal: Fruits, Grains, Proteins, Vegetables and Dairy check it out to find great tips and tricks for your kids diet!

Ways to improve Nutrition:

! ! Research healthy food options in the five food groups (fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, proteins). Ensure healthy options are available that have high nutrient quality and energy density. Eat together studies prove that the more families eat together, the more likely children will consume fruits, vegetables, grains, and calcium-rich foods (Parents can play a role in preventing childhood obesity, 2005). Set a positive example for the people around you. Research the right portion sizes for you. Set limits for fast food intake every week

Important Dates:
3/01: New Lunch Special Begins: Beef Stew with a salad 3/17: Free Subway Lunch for everyone! 3/28: ! Day

Your mission this month:

! Read The Great Garden Detective Adventure (copies are available in the library) Eat one fruit a day! Remember, they are always available as a lunch option. Limit yourself to one serving of French fries a more on week.

! ! !

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Step 2: Active Days

What is Physical Activity?
Bodily movement that is produced by the contraction of certain muscles (skeletal) It substantially increases energy expenditure Book

Fundamental motor skill of the week: Skipping!!

Be MORE Active!
Focus on one activity a week Initiate games with friends/classmates Model active behavior for the people around you Limit the amount of TV you watch to 20 minutes a day Get outside! Use the stairs as often as possible Be vigorously (VPA) active for at least 20 minutes a day Plan ahead a time period throughout the day to be active

What is MVPA?
Moderate to vigorous physical activity Bodily movement that results in increased breathing or heart rate Moderate = brisk walking Vigorous = running

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Effects of Nutritious Meals & Active Days

Effects of Physical Activity
Prevents chronic diseases such as o Cardiovascular disease o Diabetes o Cancer o Hypertension o Obesity o Depression o Osteoporosis o Premature death o (Wharburton, Nicol, Bredin 2006).
Fundamental motor skill of the week: LEAPING!!
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Effects of Nutritious Meals

Improvements to o Cognitive and physical performance o Fitness o Endurance o Psychological benefits o Physical sensation (feeling good physically) o Production of energy o (Odea 2003)
Healthy Recipe of the week: Taco Salad!

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Building Up Our Bodies: Inside the Classroom Etiam eu ipsum.

At School Teachers Should:
! Plan 15-minute breaks between subjects Provide moderate physical activities outside such as jogging during a informative lesson Provide a menu of the lunch options for the week and go over healthy options each day
Fun Facts: ! More than 53 million children & 6 million adults in the United States spend their days in elementary and secondary schools (US Environmental Protection Agency, 2008) Furthermore, WE have the opportunity to influence our childrens diet and their active habits It is suggested to appropriately arrange materials from which children can choose and develop a daily routine so children initiate, plan and carry out their actions and ideas. (Hohmann, Weikart, 2014)

Donec ac arcu. Our Childrens Mission at School: ! Move around during breaks. ! Be active at recess join a game or start your own! ! Eat a healthy lunch - sodales. that includes ALL five elements of ChooseMyPlate.gov ! Stretch throughout the day. ! Look at your opinions and try new foods!

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Building Up Our Bodies: Outside the Classroom


Ways to Build Up Our bodies:

! Join a walking group in the neighborhood or at the local shopping mall. ! Push the baby in a stroller. ! Get the whole family involved enjoy an afternoon bike ride with your kids. ! Walk up and down the soccer or softball field sidelines while watching the kids play. ! Walk the dog don't just watch the dog walk. ! Clean the house or wash the car. ! Walk, skate, or cycle more, and drive less. ! Do stretches, exercises, or pedal a stationary bike while watching television. ! Eat together ! Plant and care for a vegetable or flower garden. ! Enjoy the seasons tumble in the leaves, build a snowman, splash in a puddle, or go bike riding ! Exercise to a workout video. ! Get a good nights rest ! Encourage children to stop eating when they are full ! Choosemyplate.gov/physical-activity
! !

Caregivers role:

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Be a positive role model for healthy Aenean diam velit, lorem eating and active behaviors rutrum vitae, tempor ut, sodales Get educated and educate youreget, children mauris. Sed nec about nutrition lacus. (portion sizes, MyPlate, how often, etc.) and physical activity Maecenas et lorem. dolor (w nisl idup turpis Participate in the ways Ut toet build our varius faucibus. bodies Get involved with yourInteger kids et felis. Sed libero.

Fundamental Motor Skill of the Week: Galloping

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more on


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