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1015 Driftwood Ct, Henderson, NV 89015


Objective To obtain an elementary level teaching position in the Orlando, Florida area. Professional Strive to continuously learn and apply knowledge gained each day to better myself. Goals To keep up to date on professional development in order to implement the most effective
teaching methods. I plan to begin work on my Masters in Education in 2015. Foster a genuine commitment to be the best teacher I can be for all of my students.

Experience 09-13-12 to Current

Pinecrest Academy of Nevada

Henderson, NV

Second Grade Teacher and Team Lead

Developed a classroom environment in which learning was differentiated for diverse learning styles, abilities and backgrounds through various workshop models. Collaboratively work with other teachers and effectively executed role as team lead. Continuously monitored student growth through data analysis in order to better my instruction. Established positive rapport with parents through various and constant methods of communication. Used a variety of resources and programs in order to tailor instruction to meet Common Core Standards and student needs. Actively sought and participated in professional development opportunities such as attendance at two SDE- National conferences on Differentiated Instruction (2012 & 2013) and the NCTM Regional Conference (2013). Participated in and the lead planning and organization of school events, clubs, tutoring and field trips.

09-22-10 to 06-01-12 Guest Teacher

Clark County School District

Las Vegas, NV

Implementation of lesson plans through a variety of grade level and subjects. Execution of strong classroom management.

Praised for professional disposition, organization and effectiveness.

High request and return rate by schools and teachers.

08-24-11 to 04-20-12

Hummel Elementary School


Las Vegas, NV

Practicum 2 & Student Teaching

Worked under the mentorship of Chris Eagar (4 Grade). Over 90 hours in attendance for Practicum 2 and full day for Student Teaching. Gradual takeover of subjects over the course of the semester ending in a three week takeover. Participation in over ten hours of community service aiding the school after hours.

09-11-09 to 05-26-10

Fay Galloway Elementary School

Henderson, NV

Work Study for America Reads: Reading Internship with a Vision for Education Worked under the mentorship of Laurie Vermillion (2nd Grade). Assisted teacher in variety of classroom related activities.
Over 100 hours of hands-on experience and personalized guidance.

Education Graduated 05-12-12

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

B.S. Degree in Elementary Education Focus in Elementary Education (K-5) Magna Cum Laude with GPA of 3.968 Graduated 05-15-10 College of Southern Nevada Las Vegas, NV

A.A. Degree in Elementary Education Focus in Elementary Education (K-5) Phi Theta Kappa Member with GPA of 4.0


Lorraine Dotson Relationship: K-5 Lead Teacher- Supervisor Phone: (702) 278-1055 Email: ldotson@pinecrestnv.org Juliana Turley Relationship: Mentor/Lead Teacher 2012-2013 School Year Phone: (702) 300-4085 Email: theturleys@gmail.com Rita Long Relationship: Coworker/Team Member Phone: (775) 622-5510 Email: rlong@pinecrestnv.org Kimberly Rennie Relationship: Parent of Student Phone: (702) 557-3305 Email: tgrazor@yahoo.com Chris Eagar 4th grade teacher with Clark County School District Relationship: Mentor Teacher for Practicum 2 and Student Teaching Phone: (702) 415-0966 Email: chriseagar@hotmail.com Lois Paretti University of Nevada, Las Vegas professor Relationship: Professor for EDEL 311 and EDEL 408 Phone: (702) 895-5357 Email: Lois.Paretti@unlv.edu Letters of Recommendation are Available by Request