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$eflection Activity %nformation Sheet

(Complete a sheet for each activity)

Name of Activity: Purdue Student Government- Student Body President Leadership Skills and Attributes Goal For This Activity: Skill-Sustains Leadership, Enhance Communication Skills, and Develops Teams My goal or this activity !as to "ecome a !ell-rounded leader "ringing students together rom all over campus to help move Purdue or!ard# Briefly summarize the activity: $n my role as Student Body President $ per ormed the ollo!ing% -Served as the voice or over &',''' undergraduate students to administration, aculty, legislators, and other key stakeholders o Purdue -Managed nearly ('' mem"ers involved !ith Purdue Student )overnment !ith pro*ects dealing !ith engagement, programming, communication, strategic planning, and governmental relations -Colla"orated !ith other student governments across the +#S# including the ,ssociation o Big Ten Students -Promoted unity and colla"oration through our team motto, -.nePurduehat ne! kno!led"e or ideas did you learn by bein" involved in this activity# Throughout my year as President $ learned a !ide variety o ne! ideas that have helped me gro! into the leader $ am today "ut there is one that sticks out amongst the rest# $ /uickly sa! the di erence "et!een a manager and a leader and ho! sometimes "oth roles play their part# Leaders inspire action !hile managers push action# hat kno!led"e or ideas about your leadership skills and attributes did you learn from this activity# 0hile this activity helped contri"ute to all my goals listed in my Personal Development Plan, $ "elieve it helped me the most !ith my communication skills# ,s $ mentioned !ith my goal to "ecome a "etter communicator, $ have to "e a "etter listener# ,s President, representing over &','''

students, $ !as al!ays under the pressure o kno!ing the opinions o the student "ody# $ /uickly learned the "est !ay to listen to students and their concerns1 to hear their stories and imagine mysel in their shoes# This techni/ue, although simple in theory, really changes ho! you listen to someone#

&o! did the activity impact the community# 'Ans!er if applicable( .ur motto or the year !as 2.nePurdue#3 This created a lasting vision and inspiration or all students to come together as one campus to "uild upon our relationships to help move ourselves and our campus or!ard# The po!er o one is the greatest po!er o all4 &o! did your involvement in the activity impact you 'on a personal level(# This position changed me personally in many !ays especially my time management# ,s President, $ "alance "eing a ull time student on top o !hat is e/uivalent to a 5' hour !eek *o"# $ learned to rely on certain people as !ell as technology to "e more e ective and e icient# )oogle "ecame a great riend or staying on top o things#

hy does this learnin" matter) or !hy is it important# This e6perience !as important "ecause it sho!ed me the value in people and the potential !e have as leaders# This position a irmed my passion or people and or "eing involved and has proven that $ !ill al!ays "e 2involved3 or the rest o my li e# %n !hat !ays !ill you use !hat you have learned from this activity# 0hen recruiting students to get involved !ith Purdue Student )overnment, $ !ent a ter the "est student leaders on campus !ho $ !ould la"el as high cali"er students# 0ith only a limited num"er o positions !e had to turn a!ay many interested students, even ones !ho !ere e6tremely motivated "ut didn7t compare on paper or on an intervie! to the other high cali"er students# Later on in the year, !e ound our 2high cali"er3 student leaders !ere not delivering to the level that !e needed# $ soon discovered that they

!ere e6tremely "usy !ith other organi8ations and didn7t have the motivation to go a"ove and "eyond to make things !ork# This sho!ed me the value that i !e selected more committed students they !ould7ve "een more valua"le than those !ho !ere high cali"er# $ kno! no! that commitment has a value over cali"er and !ill help contri"ute to the "ottom line o an organi8ation# $n the uture, $ !ill take the things $ have learned to see the value or !ho people are#