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6.a. What three branches were created by the Constitution? The executive, legislative, and judicial branches. b.

Which branch of government makes the country's laws? The legislative branch. c. How many members are in the house of representatives? 435 members

7.a. ratify- to confirm by expressing consent, approval, or formal sanction. b. amendment-a change made by correction, addition, or deletion. c. assemble- to bring together or gather into one place, company, body, or whole.

9. The first picture is a group of people assembling. The second picture is assemble as in putting together pieces.

Directions for google safe search: Go to google.com/preferences Go to safe search filtering and select use strict filtering Click save preferences


Select lock safe search. This will only allow someone with your google account username and

password to change it. It will ask you to log into your google account and confirm the safe search. Log out so it cannot be changed The only way to unlock is to log back in and change it back to original settings

6.a. Which state was misspelled in the signature area of the U.S. constitution? Pennsylvania (spelled Pensylvania) b. Why didn't Thomas Jefferson sign the U.S. Constitution? He was serving as a minister in France. c. Who was the oldest to sign the U.S. Constitution? Benjamin Franklin, 81 d. Who was considered the expounder of the U.S. Constitution? Daniel Webster e. Who actually handwrote the U.S. Constitution? Jacob Shallus

Google Scavenger Hunt 1. 3456 + 78,091 = 81547 2. 56,000 / 73 = 76.12

3. What is 33% of 23,857? 7872.81 4. How many inches are in 5 miles? 316800 5. How many minutes are in 53 years? 2.78753e7 6. What's the equivalent of US $20 in the currency of Peru? 56.23 peruvian nuevo sol 7. What is the unemployment rate in your county? 8.3% 8. Name a movie and where it's playing in the 48901 zip code. Celebration cinema divergent 9. What is patent 4095665 for? electric car 10. What is the price of Electronic Arts stock today? $26.68 11. What is the population of Dallas, Texas? 1.241 million 12. How tall is Shaquille O'Neill? 7'1 13. What is the predicted weather for Fargo, ND tomorrow? 26 degrees partly cloudy 14. What time is it in Shanghai, China? 1:49 am 15. What time is it in Johannesburg, South Africa? 7:49 pm 16. What is the capital of Denmark? Copenhagen 17. List three books written by Erin Hunter. Into the wild, Cats of the clans, and Firestar's quest 18. What time will the sun set today in Chicago, IL? 7:11 pm 19. When was the most recent earthquake near San Francisco, CA? Where was the epicenter and how far from San Francisco is that epicenter? 20. What is the phone number for the poison control hotline? 1-800-222-1222

Quest 3 web evaluation: 7.a. What does CARRDSS stand for? Credibility Accuracy Reliability Relevance

Date Sources behind text Scope b. What are the similarities and differences between the CARRDSS and BASIC forms? They both talk about authority and reliability. The CARRDSS doesn't talk about usability and design but the BASIC form does. c. How do I know if a website is reliable or not? Cited sources, author(s), what other authors have a link to the site (ie. government websites, educational websites, etc.) d. How would you know if you need to move on to another website? If the website is out of date, the author's information isn't cited, or if the website isn't easy to use. e. How would you explain this to your classmates so they know if the website is credible? Click on the cited information (if there is any) to see if it is credible and if the information is outdated it probably isn't as accurate.