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Udit Desai

High School Requirements and Options

OSSD Requirements
OSSD stands for Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This diploma is given to any student who graduates high school in Ontario with all the requirements shown below. Requirements include a variety of different courses needed, volunteer work and a test. Tied with the IBT program here at North Park, some courses are mandatory.

A total of 30 credits 18 are mandatory 12 are optional

40 hours of volunteer work Completed and passed OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) The above requirements would be needed to obtain the OSSD but due to the IBT program there are some limits and which courses you can take.

IBT Requirements
Gr.9 6 IBT courses, 1 Health and Physical Education course and 1 optional Arts course Gr.10 7 IBT courses (1 optional second language course included, French or Spanish) and 1 optional course Gr.11 & 12 4 IBT courses (1 must be a Gr.11 second language course and 2 must be at Gr.12 level) All Grades Each year you are expected to complete an IBT portfolio marking your progress throughout the years To obtain the IBT certificate, you must follow these requirements including the OSSD requirements as they are both tied together. To obtain both the OSSD and the IBT certificate, you must get all 30 credits while having the IBT course requirements, 40 hours of volunteer work, completion of the OSSLT and completion of your IBT portfolio.

4 credits in English (1 per year) 3 credits in math (1 of these must be in gr.11 or 12) 2 credits in science 1 credits in the arts 1 credit in Canadian geography 1 credit in Canadian history

Udit Desai 1 credit in French as a second language 1 credit in health and physical education credit in Civics credit in careers study

Completing these will give you an automatic 15 courses. To obtain the next 3 mandatory courses you can pick from three groups of courses; Group 1; English French as a second language Native language Classical or International language Social sciences or Humanities Canadian and World studies Guidance and Career education Co-operative education

Group 2; Health and Physical Education The Arts Business Studies French as a second language Co-operative Studies

Group 3; Science (in Gr.11 or 12) Technological Education French as a second language Computer studies Co-operative studies

Only English courses can be taken as an ESL or ELD course, the 4th one must be a standard Gr.12 English course You can only count 2 French as a second language credits as a compulsory credit. You can only count 2 co-operative studies credits as a compulsory credit. Other than these 18 compulsory credits you must take 12 other optional courses from the many different choices each school has to offer. After all of these required sections are completed, you can officially graduate high school. Not only that, you will be successfully graduating the IBT Program. As you can see, there are many different tasks that must be done and lots of hard work that will be going into your OSSD, but with the help of the North Park teachers and staff, you will be able to successfully grasp that OSSD and finish it within IBTP.

Udit Desai

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