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A Great Classmate

At a young age, we learnt that working with other people is going to be a part of our life. For instance, we may have shared green play-doh with two other children in kindergarten or contributed in a group assignment in primary school. E perience of communicating with peers is vital for future life, because after school teenagers will live in adult world and behave how we learnt to do at school. Everyone likes to be of wonderful company. A great classmate is someone who is responsible, a good friend, fun to be with and willing to give a favour when needed. !n a nutshell, a good classmate is a good role model who happens to be in our class. !t is imperative for us to understand how to communicate effectively and become a great classmate. Firstly, give out a helping hand, as a friend in need is a friend indeed. "e t, we could try to improve ourselves and encourage others to do better. #he more positive energy we put in others, the more we$ll get in return. !t is noble to apologise and take responsibility. %hen someone is speaking, be a good listener and lend attentive ears. &e polite and courteous when interacting with one another. "o one likes that one group member who rides on the coat tails of their ambitious teammates. Apart from that, we should never hurt others, no matter physically or emotionally. %hen engaging in a conversation, avoid con'uring inappropriate or sensitive sub'ects as they may offend our classmates. !nstead of giving negative comments or bossing others around, try being constructive and cooperative. &e fun and friendly. Greet our classmates when we bump into them. %e could say (Good morning)*, (+ello)* or (!t$s nice to meet you,*. %e could also ask for our friends$ well-being and how their day are. !n the event of an accident, ask them if they are fine and if they need any help. ,ther than that, if we do not fancy the offer from our classmate, decline politely with ("o, thank you*. All in all, being a great classmate not only strengthens our relationship with our classmates, but makes our school life a bree-e as well. Furthermore, manners on being a well-behaved classmate could be incorporated into our social skills in general. !t is very beneficial for relations in class when the whole class takes up their respective roles.