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Assessment Summary The assessments used in this unit are designed to give the teacher a measure of the understanding

the students possess after each days lesson. The teacher uses formative assessments throughout lessons every day. The teacher may ask the students to show thumbs up for their understanding or she may ask them to rate their understanding one to five. The teacher also uses a series of preplanned formative assessments to measure the learning objective. These assessments are in the form of a 3-2-1 review, quick write, Venn diagram, cloze passage and exit slip. The formative assessments in the unit are aligned to the standard and learning objective to best measure student learning. The teacher will know students have learned the content if a majority of the class has indicated understanding during the lesson through immediate feedback and if the majority of the class (twelve out of twenty-three) has passed the formative assessment at the end of the lesson. Homework will not be given in this unit as there are a limited number of textbooks in the classroom. The variety of formative assessments used in the lessons provides students with practice in literacy skills, but students are only assessed on the social studies content that is being taught. The 3-2-1 review gives students the opportunity to write three facts and tell the teacher the things they found interesting as well as ask a question. This helps the teacher know where to plan instruction next as well as how best to engage the students by designing the lessons to include student interest. In using a quick write, students may choose what they tell their teacher about the days instruction. This gives students the freedom to show off their learning to the teacher. Venn diagrams are best used during a compare and contrast lesson. The diagram provides an organized place for students to explore the relationship and meaning of words or ideas. The Venn diagram shows the teacher that the students know enough about the topic to not only compare it to other items, but to also contrast it. A cloze passage is a tool that builds reading fluency. It requires the student to read the facts and insert the correct words. This shows the teacher that students know characteristics about the information being taught. Exit slips are great for quickly collecting data on student learning. The formative assessments used in this unit are designed to allow students to show their learning in the clearest possible way. The summative test at the end of the unit is designed to test the same skills as the formative assessments. The questions in the summative test are taken directly from daily instruction. The results of the summative test were satisfactory and are a great indication of student learning. Using a variety of means to assess the class has seemed to challenge students to develop a deeper understanding of the content. Students are given the opportunity to give the teacher immediate feedback by rating their understanding; they are also given the opportunity to show what they know through formative assessment. Students also have the opportunity to show their understanding through the summative assessment at the end of the unit. Data shows the students have done well learning the material in this unit as the average score on the summative test is 88%. The high score is an encouraging indicator of student learning during this unit.