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Summative Assessment Data The assessment written for this unit was not given in entirety to the students

in the classroom. In the fifth grade classroom in which this unit was used, the unit was a small portion of a greater unit on the Constitution. The last four multiple choice questions and a matching section of the students Constitution unit test pertained exclusively to the branches of government. These questions were taken directly from the branches of government summative test that is included in this unit. The chart below is the average of correct answers for the branches of government section by question. The test was electronic and given to the students via Schoology. They took the test in class, on school laptops. There were no distractions or interruptions during testing. Overall, the class did well with the branches of government section of the test. The question that caused the most difficulty seemed to be the checks and balances section. The lower percentage of correct answers on this portion of the test is reflected in the difficulty of the content taught. The students did well with the lesson assessment, but it is evident that the assessment was not a fair measure of all of the students learning. While the matching section percentage could be an area of concern, the average indicated in the chart is the average of students that answered every matching question correctly. The percentage causes no concern as most students incorrectly matched only one or two options. In the future, I will spend more time reviewing and teaching the checks and balances section of the unit. The test indicates the students did not all understand the system of checks and balances in government. I will work to make this part of the content more relevant to the students lives and work to build more prior knowledge to the content. I am happy with the

results of the test, I feel that my students did their best and the results indicate they knew the material well.

Percentages of Answers Correct by Question

Average Percentage Correct 91.7 91.7 95.8 76.7 66.7

Multi. Choice 1 Multi. Choice 2 Multi. Choice 3 Multi. Choice 4 Executive Judicial Branch Legislative Checks and Branch Branch Balances

Matching Powers to Branches