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Lindsey McCracken

Current Address 728 Bellaire Ave Apt A3 State College, PA 16801 (717)-825-5850 LAM5611@psu.edu

Education Pennsylvania State University Major: Forensic Science, Biology Option Minors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology GPA: 3.12/4.0

Employment Course Assistance, January 2014 to Present Penn State University, FRNSC 413 lab The majority of my time is spent attending all lectures and labs, assisting the professor in teaching course material and helping the students understand the information. Outside of scheduled class times, I prepare the evidence for each student and make the evidence for the midterm and final practical examinations. I also grade all of the exams, quizzes, reports, and practical exams. Work Study, September 2012 to Present Penn State University Microbiology Prep Lab My job duties consist of preparing media for upcoming microbiology lab classes, cleaning up any used media after the labs, and cleaning used lab equipment and test tubes. Work Study, September 2010 to May 2012 Penn State Altoona Biology Prep Lab This job consisted of preparing and tearing down any of the general biology lab classes on campus. I set up any instruments needed for classes, prepared media, wiped down lab benches, and disposed of any used media. Hostess, June 2008 to Present Texas Roadhouse, York, PA As a host, my responsibilities are to seat guests, answer the phones, coordinate seating process, take names when on a wait, roll silverware, and prepare take- out orders.

Relevant Classes FRNSC 413- Forensic Serology This class taught me how to perform presumptive, confirmatory, and immunochromatographic tests on various body fluids, such as blood, semen, saliva, urine, and feces. I learned how to analyze hair microscopically and differentiate between human and animal hairs. This course also taught me how to properly write a report based on my results and documentation. FRNSC 410- Crime Scene Investigation Lecture This lecture is based on the importance of crime scene investigation and how to properly document, collect, and analyze evidence. It covered a wide range of topics, such as fingerprint analysis and dusting, firearms, blood spatter analysis, broken glass trajectory, documentation and measurements, searching techniques, and much more. FRNSC 415- Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory This lab consists of the majority of the information taught in lecture applied to realistic crime scenes. Mock crime scenes were set up and the class was separated into groups in order to photograph, measure and document the crime scenes, collect evidence, dust for fingerprints, and assess what happened. There was also a section of blood spatter analysis. FRNSC 400- Courtroom Testimony This class taught me the essentials of courtroom testimonies and the importance of being an expert witness. It taught me how to use analogies when explaining technical information to a jury, how to dress for court, and different ways to prepare to testify. FRNSC 411- Trace Evidence Analysis Laboratory This lab is about analyzing difference types of trace evidence, such as fingerprints, footwear impressions, tool marks, microchemical analysis, glass and refractive index analysis, fibers and hair, gunshot residue and range of fire analysis, and how to perform microscopy. BMB 400- Molecular Biology of the Gene This lecture is centered around DNA replication, transcription, translation, and gene regulation. It also contains content about the different mutations that can occur in the genome and how that may affect somatic and germ cells.

BMB 442- Laboratory in Proteins and Nucleic Acids This lab consists of the different techniques used to isolate and amplify different proteins or nucleic acids. A large portion of the class was based on PCR and electrophoresis for DNA and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) for proteins. References Dr. Reena Roy- Pennsylvania State University Forensic Science Professor 814-863-6758 rxr34@psu.edu Rebecca Falsone- Pennsylvania State University BMB Department Coordinator 814-863-0803 raf15@psu.edu Lynn Dalby- Penn State Altoona Natural Science Department 814-949-5220 lak16@psu.edu Susan Keston- Texas Roadhouse York, PA Service Manager 717-600-1441 Kimberly Miller- Personal Reference/ Family Friend 717-309-6425