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Great Bear Rainforest (Preparation) C.

CP8.11- Select and use appropriate forms, technologies, images, and art-making processes to express student perspectives on social issues. I think it expressed with our interest in the subject of the Great Bear rainforest and it issues. Which than leads us to wanting to further our education, and going home a spend our personal time. Learning on what we want to learn about, furthering ourselv es past just the bell rang lets stop learning. I think it the desire within the topic that creates our want to go create something amazing, whether it is art or just knowing more about the topic so you can enter a debate prepared. I find that if you can find your way of going about it, it will be your number one priority. For me I love talking, so I will go home and research the Great Bear Rainforest in my spare time. I will than take all of this information and mentally debate both sides of the issues in the area. I would call it critique passion, find that single topic and get excited about it and you will find that critique passion arising if you let it. I guess that would be a good way to define how I have been awakened with in Eco. CR8.2- Investigate and identify ways that todays arts expressions often reflect concern for social issues. We can watch many videos on YouTube; some may have a point and others not so much. I find myself steering away from those videos with no points, which are just there for entertainment. If there is a narrative or a perspective to be put across, it makes it more alive and makes you really want to get right into it. You then get a desire to keep going and find out more, well if it interests you. For example, when preparing for or trip to Batoche, I spent about 5 hours looking at what happened here and why it mattered so much. At first my attention was to look at the Wikipedia page, but after about 10 websites later. I finally had a generic idea of how this battle came up and went down. I believe I have hit the same thing with the Great Bear Rainforest, but I can never find an end to the research. It just keeps going on and on. It keeps me wondering what will I learn next, how will I understand how it works. It allows me to comprehend it and make it my way. If I understand it, in my way. It will be my own and I could talk about it my perspective, not someone elses but mine. To build it I need to figure out what I am going for.

Phys. Ed

PE8.2- Apply an understanding of how to positively affect the major muscle groups (e.g., biceps, triceps, pectorals, abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings) while clarifying an understanding of the effects of exercise and inactivity on the muscular system (e.g., increased/decreased strength, increased/decreased lean muscle, increased/decreased elasticity, increased/decreased muscle tone). We have learned very different important things of how we are supposed to improve and make our major muscles stronger. Being in an adventure based program we know how we are supposed to work or bodies and know what will happen if we stop doing that very important task. We have experience all the hard work of working out and have sort of grown towards it, I mean I dont think anyone wants to lose what they have gained this year. We understand the sad reality of what will happen if we stop and we understand the great reality of working our body. We really do understand it in the most full on way as well when we have to run 3km to breakfast and cant slow or you wont make it in the Great Bear Rainforest. It makes you realise the shape you have to be in. PE8.3- Implement personal plans for improvement of skill-related components of fitness (power, agility, speed, reaction time, balance, and coordination) to improve the weaker components and to support enjoyment in personal, social, and competitive movement activities. This is more of a personal completion, I liked the work of being in Eco and wanted to up it, meaning in one day I do a collective of at least 100 push-ups and 100 crunches, I usually end up doubling those number as it is a great way to waste some extra time through the evening. Having such things as physical math which help my effort out of school to even push myself farther. Since doing this plan I have for sure saw lots of positive increasing within my physical condition, and I am proud of it! I find that my push behind this plan knows what shape I will have to be into live through the Great Bear Rainforest.

Every single thing we learn about will be put into place when we go to Bella Bella. From the perspectives, to how a sweat works. We will be informed and be able to pursue the desired goal in the right way. We will know what we are doing and talking about I mean we wont be those fools who came here to study them. We will I guess in a way be knowing this potentially connection to them and really join them. We wont be an outsider scientist just going to study their hidden culture. We will be a friend from far away coming over to visit and really be one.

Not studying but living, I believe that is the foreseeable future within our trip to the Great Bear Rainforest.

It has not been just learning about our Christian beliefs but also the First Nations beliefs. I believe by learning both it lets us compare and contrast, finding our ways of connecting instead of guessing and disregarding. We will believe and display both in the ways to fit in with the setting we are provided. In Bella Bella we will be able to follow their traditions and really start a deep connection with the land like they have. We wont be having a tradition al catholic setting but the same attentions. As one thing I have realized they all are doing the exact same thing, thanking the almighty, or just simply praying for a good cause which has belief but not as much hope. Really, virtually meaning they all have the same mechanics but different cosmetics. So, learning and implementing those different cosmetics will not only widen your horizons but respect those who believe in it, leading them to respect you back.

USC8.4- Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of violence (including but not limited to emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, and neglect) on the well-being of and the supports needed for self, family, and community. We have seen the affects of what happens to be people that are very unlucky and end up in these positions. We even have a demonstration in a part of our dance, from spoken word (Voice for Change unit)to our songs there is all evidence of the impact all of these horrible thing cause. Since we have saw it and try not to preach it, it seemed very foreign to hear of bullying in school. In Eco, that just does not really happen. It was a sad reality to hear about pasts but looking back into the present was pretty nice reality to see. Our reality needs to be put into full force at schools all around this great city. Which I hope may also appear in the Great Bear Rainforest. USC8.6- Examine and assess the concept of sustainability from many perspectives, and develop an understanding of its implications for the well-being of self, others, and the environment. We have entered so many different areas of sustainability, from an European perspective to an First Nations perspective. On the Northern Gateway Pipeline, we have seen many points of

view from Enbridge and the Canadian governments to the locals and the people that will be effected by this huge project. We have realised the huge benefits that this pipeline will bring but have also recognized the many defects of having this pipeline. I would say most of defects simply being caused by its placement. I think if it was moved it would be a lot more economical for Canada and it will most defiantly save our environmental system on the BC coast. I think replacement is key in the success of our economy and this whole country.

PA8.4- Assess the impact of citizens willingness and ability to actively engage in the Canadian political processes. We have really seen how it has been put to the test. In coastal communities in BC, they have been very political on trying to stop the placement of the Northern Gateway Pipeline. They want to save the only place this magical in the world. Wild Rainforest meeting Wild River, they dont want to trough that away yet the other half of Canada seems to want too. Salmon fisheries infecting all of their salmon, they try to make it noticed so that something will be done. That will cut into Canadas profit meaning th ey will cover up anything that comes out of the area. You have the Fort Chipewyan First Nation community; so many members are dying off because of the contaminants coming from the oil sands just upstream from them. They are not going about the mining safely and killing the people around sands then what makes you thing they will go over the transportation seriously. A money society is a bad society; a money society is a European society. Why does it have to be here? Just to ruin our country? That is how I see it. DR8.1- Develop an understanding of the significance of land on the evolution of Canadian identity. We have seen how benefited the land was for the First Nation people. Then we see how the European came over and sold it all off section by section eliminating buffalo and really the food sources everywhere. They try to move forward but instead just messing with mother earth more and more as we grow older and older. I honestly think of the Europeans could have adapted the First Nations culture, the world would be so much more free and would not be a money hungry society. This society is tearing everything apart; I believe that it would be safe and more reliable if we were still living off of the buffalo. The land has had a lot of evolution especially on the Canadian identity. It should have been left the way it was. A way better identity for Canada and anyone in it. Money would not rue us and that would be a dream society, I guess. A lot like the lifestyle in the Great Bear Rainforest.

CC8.6- Use oral language to interact purposefully, confidently, and respectfully in a variety of situations including one-to-one, small group, and large group discussions (expressing feelings and viewpoints and contributing to group harmony). We do this like all the time within our classroom, we come together and talk about the research we had done over night or we will talk about current events. We simple just talk about what our task is we share everything with our class. We have twice in the last week went to local law offices and talked to people about donation and grants to us for our trip to Bella Bella. With our communication skills we have no problems with walking up to lawyers and presenting what we are about. I think I got so many well done projects just because of great level of communication we poses. Yet, it rarely gets off tasks. We always are flying through our work while enjoying it. CC8.7- Use oral language to effectively express information and ideas of complexity in formal and informal situations (e.g., to debate a point, to participate in a meeting, to give a dramatic reading of a poem or play excerpt). Our language is our top weapon; I believe we know how to use this weapon very well and with some smarts behind it. We will have the odd debate within the classroom but the conversations are more sort of like a meeting type. We have very good presenters in our class, in some cases as they read their spoken word piece. You could feel what they wanted you to feel. Whether it was sadness for that girl that was never perfect or if it was anger for the first nations children token from their families. You felt the emotion they wanted you to feel. It is this amazing real feeling whenever someone in my class presents. Our voices are our best weapons, hands down. This is strongly used within practicing and learning/preparing for our debates with professionals and simply family.

WS8.3- Analyze natural factors and human practices that affect productivity and species distribution in marine and fresh water environments. [CP, DM, SI] This is a huge element of our proposed trip to Bella Bella, BC. So many marine animals will be affected by these huge oil tankers ripping downstream. You will have salmon trying to go upstream to their spawning grounds then bam back to the start or possibly no more steam and the only answer would an unexpected death of a keystone species. Then you can the whales

out there. A whale in its home verses a tanker, once again one hurt whale. Let alone the pipeline we already have huge problems out there with fish farms. All these diseased fish smuggled together spreading to the wild salmon going upstream, once again killing the keystone species. With no salmon we go up chain and lose most of the animal on the northern pacific BC coast. That includes the beautiful and rare Kermode bear which most defiantly will not be surviving with no food and it habitat being destroyed.