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a. What does CARRDSS stand for?

Credibility, Accuracy, Reliability, Relevance, Date, Sources Behind the Text, Scope b. What are the similarities and differences between the CARRDSS and BASIC forms? A similarity is that they both look for credibility. A difference is that BASIC form doesnt look for accuracywhile CARRDSS does. c. How do you know if your website is reliable or not? You can look at what their sources are d. How do you know if you should move on to another website? The information is obviously invalid e. How would you explain this to your classmates so they know if the website is credible? Ask them if the information is accurate, reliable, and relevant. I would use the questions of CARRDSS.

1. Go to www.easywhois.com. Find out who is the owner of this page. Write it below. Search for information on the owner and write it below. Doesnt work. 2. Look at the bottom of your webpage. Who is responsible for this site? What are their credentials? What makes them an expert? Lyle Zapato. Kelvinic University branch of the Wild Haggis Conservation Socity. 3. Are there sources cited for the information on the page? Where are the sources from? There arent any sources 4. Are there spelling or grammar errors on the page? No 5. What is the domain name? (example: .com, .edu, .net, etc.) Is it a personal page? .net Yes it is a personal page 6. Do the links on this site work correctly? Yes 7. Open google in another tab. Find out who else is linking to your site. In the search box, type link:webaddress (example: link:www.richmond.k12.mi.us). The sites linked to your site will pop up. Open these other sites. What are they saying about your site?

8. Why was this site created (to inform, persuade, explain, sell, parody, etc.)? To inform 9. Is there a bias? Is one side of the argument presented more than the other? Is there a hidden message? Many different species are talked about..tree octopus, sasquatch, etc. It seem to have a one sided argument 10. Does this site contain facts or opinions? Give an example to support your answer. Facts 11. Is the site clean and uncluttered? Is it easy to get the key information? Why or why not. The website is uncluttered because there are sections for each needed information. 12. Is the information accurate? Does the site give enough information? The site doesnt give enough information..some isnt very accurate. 13. When was this site last updated? 02-04-2013 14. Could you get better information about this topic in a book? Encyclopedia? Yes. The author in this website used Wikipedia for some of their information. Information can be changed by anyone. 15. Use common sense Is the topic of this website realistic? Do the facts make sense? Give examples why or why not. I believe that this website is not real. Nothing on this website makes sense to me. The pictures look fake and one even looks like a beanie baby was put into a tree and someone took a picture of it. Final Decision: This website is fake.