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visible learning?
An approach to teaching and learning that works!

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in Prep
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We make learning visible in Prep by setting individual, developmental student learning goals. At all times, students can track their progress and view their learning goals for the future. Teachers see learning through the eyes of each student by sourcing individualised learning strategies to assist in the achievement of each individual goal.

Based on the research of Dr John Hattie (with more than 300 million students in his database of research), students see themselves as their own teachers, and teachers see learning through the eyes of the students. Dr John Hattie has researched what works best in education to enhance achievement. In Prep, we have used his research to ensure our classrooms operate in ways that enhance achievement beyond typical teacher effects. We ensure that each student (regardless of their level of academic development) receives a years growth in learning. Our goal is to exceed each students potential. ! Want to know what works best in education? Scan this QR Code. ! ! !

learning visible
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A parent guide to

visible learning
in Prep

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visible learning information

What are we doing to ensure our classrooms operate in in the zone of desired effects?
PIAGETIAN PROGRAMS: Effect Size = 1.28 All Prep learning goals are developmental. Each student is supported to achieve their developmental reading, writing and mathematical goals at a variety of levels. FEEDBACK: Effect Size = 0.73 Learners are given regular feedback (at their developmental level) on their progress to ensure they know their future learning direction. GOALS: Effect Size = 0.56 Learners are given developmental goals to achieve with explicit teacher support.

What are some of the ! MAJOR educational myths ! dispelled by John Hatties ! research?

Myth - HOMEWORK HELPS: ! Effect Size = 0.15 Homework in primary school has NO ! impact on student achievement. Daily ! reading with your child has a far greater impact.

School & classroom experiences in the Zone of Desired Effects have an effect size of 0.4 and above. School & classroom experiences that have a ! ! less than desirable effect on student achievement have an effect size of LESS than 0.4.

Effect Size = 0.21 Students in class sizes of around 15-20 students DO NOT have better ! achievement results than larger class ! sizes.
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