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NDP Monthly Journal February 2014

Name: Menchie V. Alot, RN

Municipality/Province:Calapan City, Or. Mdo. Area of Assignment: () Rural Health Unit ( ) Hospital



Received endorsement from nurses of outgoing shift Admits patient and logs in the report notebook Skin testing of medication prior to administration and observe for adverse effects Assists physician on rounds and with performance of diagnostics and therapeutic procedure Prepares and administer right dosage of oral and IV medications to the right patient at the right time followed by documentation and assessment for adverse reactions Make accurate records of patient regarding treatments medications and procedures Instruct and perform sponge bath, oral hygiene especially for operation Pre-operative checklist accomplished Instruct patient and family regarding necessary preparations before undergoing procedures Transfer patient from ward to Operating Room with the chart and other needed medications and supplies with proper endorsement to OR nurse Assessed patients condition postoperatively every hour Follows up, regulates and terminates IVF as ordered Enters the charting all the assessments, conditions, actions and responses of patients to certain action-taking into consideration the previous assessment as basis-refers to the physician as necessary Checks received equipments and render proper care and maintenance Instructs home medications and special procedures/precautions prior to discharge of patient Attaches diagnostic results according to date and refer to the physician as necessary Read the chartings of our patients one by one and document nursing care rendered and important procedures which are done and should be done Patients endorsed to nurses of incoming shift as well as abnormalities, procedures which are done and not yet done


Learning/Insights: I learned to manage my time effectively especially during the morning shift where a lot of work has to be done. I learned to prioritize my patients according to their condition and needs. I learned to be extra cautious in giving medications. I learned to deal with people of different ages and with different attitudes. Sometimes, patients relatives could really be annoying but as a nurse, we have to do our best to understand them and try to put our feet in their shoes. I assisted in resuscitating an adult and learned that we cannot save everybody; even those who seem stable could die. I realized that as a nurse are full of challenges, trials, stress but also full of joy, happiness and satisfaction especially if we see our patient healed and recovered


Issues/Concerns: Lack of supplies and equipments in the hospital are still one of my concerns.


Recommendations: Hopefully our government put enough budget in health program so that we can have enough supplies and equipment


Menchie V. Alot, RN Nurse

Annie Dimaano, RN, MAN Head of Training Office

Rosenilda L. Lutella, RN, MAN Chief Nurse

Submitted by: Menchie V. Alot, RN Submitted to: Annie Dimaano, RN, MAN Head of Training Office