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Hannah Anthes EDU 355 Field Experience

4/1/14 Reflection

Before the class started, I got to write my first full lesson plan for my field experience. I was assigned the 5th graders and their unit was wrestling. They were not wrestling each other, but different object such as a tire or a ball. Here I was able to do research and come up with creative ideas to implement my instructions and how I was going to actually teach the lesson. The main mental note that I took away from last class, was in my actual teaching I really needed to project. With that being said I always wanted to cover safety, and to have the fifth graders really think for themselves about the lesson that they were learning about. In todays class, I did a new game with the students. It was called what time is it mr fox? In this game the students were focusing on one locomotor skill, that was jumping. Here I was table to teach about full extension and having their knees at forty five degress. My host teacher really like that, because in math they were learning about angles and now they are kinestically learning about acute angles. Every single person was participating and got a mutilple turns to practice. When the students were participating other teachers were givng little cues to help the students remember all the critical elements. After that activity we got into the main portion of our lesson. Students were wresling for the ball and learning about shielding and protecting and why being open in a supine position was not going to help. Since these fifth graders have done this activity in the years prior, I added some modification s. For example, they had to put the ball between their back and their partners back. Together they had to work to stand up. This idea was to help transition them into the next activity. Students were now wrestling a tire. There were 4 equal groups on each corner of the matt. When their number was called out they had to crawl to the middle and try to get the tire to their side. Teamwork could come into hand, I encouraged the students to work together; 2v2 or 3vs 1. If one person was bringing the tire close to their corner I asked the students what could they do to stop them? The students realized that even if I could not bring the tire over, I could use my legs as a weight and be an anchor and prevent a team from scoring a point. In this lesson, I felt really confident in what I was doing. This comes from the good rapport that I have with my host teacher and student teacher. They guide me along, but let me try to figure things out and see what works and what doesnt work. I enjoyed doing this lesson because I got to be creative and come up with modifications that brought this fifth grade class to a new level. I was also proud of myself, because my host teacher was able to learn from me and now he is going to put the new games that I brought to this unit in his binder. Now that this unit is over, I would like to keep adding ideas and give lots of variations to wreslting.There is so much that one can expand upon. In my teaching style, I would like to be even more active than I already am. I can really be with it and provide the energy needed to carry out the lesson.