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Bar coding replacement: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

By: Tonquita Davis, product champion

What is RFID
0* 1* 2* 3* RFID is a wireless automatic identification and data capture
RFID Tags RFID Readers RFID #iddle$ware %data ase& technology used to identify and track o !ects or people"

Three types of medical errors

4* 5* 6* Retain Foreign left in patient #isidentification %' (rong& #isplaced or lost critical inventory
7* #edical errors are the eighth leading cause of death in )"*" % 8* +reventa le medical errors cost the economy from ,-. million to /0 illion every year" http:11www"onlinece"net1courses"asp2 course3/445action3view

Ad antages of RFID o er Bar code

9* Doesn6t require a line of sight 10* )nique identification at the product level 11* Read at longer distances 12* Read multiple tags at once 13* 7arger memory capacities

14* Faster processing

Application of RFID
15* +atient safety Identification
16* Three wrongs

17* Tagging surgical tools

18* Foreign retainers

19* Tracking inventory

20* 8ritical assets

Benefits of use RFID

21* 8ost reduction 22* Increase patient safety 23* *horten wait times 24* Improve inventory efficiency 25* Fewer medical error 26* Reduces urdens on caregivers"

27* Implement RFID for application of
28* 29* 30* Identifying patients Tagging surgical tools Tracking inventory

31* This will enhance the quality of care in our surgical units and allow us to keep our competitive advantage"