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Workscited Beth Bacheldor. Tags Track Surgical Patients at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. 10 April 2007. !"# $ournal. %http&''(((.r)id*ournal.com'article'article+ie(',222'1'1'.

lear .ount /edical Solution. Tracking do(n (a0(ard sponges. 1ursing. ,2.10 3ct 2002& ,45,4. Health source& 1ursing'Academic 6dition. 7 1o+. 2007. 8A9"963. !#A .onsumer. Technolog0 )or sa)er surger0 !#A .onsumer. ,7.1 $an'!e: 2004& 252. Alt Health;atch. 7 1o+. 2007. 8A9"963 /urph0< #e::ie. "s !"# right )or 0our organi=ation. /aterials /anagement "n Health .are. >2002? /edline (ith !ull Te@t >2002? 14&2 A 2B 1ag0 PC 8eorge "C Bernstein ;C .a:an $C Dlein C /e=rich C Park A. adio )reEuenc0 identi)ication s0stems technolog0 in the surgical setting. Surgical "nno+ation. 1,.1 /ar 2002& 21527./edline (ith )ull te@t. 7 1o+. 2007. 8A9"963. o:erti< /ark. !"#Fs ole in "mpro+ing Hospital 3perations. 1 /arch 2002. !"# $ournal% http&''(((.r)id*ournale+ents.com'healthcare'o:erti< /ark. !"# S0stem .omponents and .osts. !"# *ournal. %http&''(((.r)id*ournal.com'article'article+ie('1,,2'1'127'Schueren:erg BD. Bar codes +s. !"#& a :attle *ust :eginning. Health #ata /anagement 1G.10 3ct.2002& ,25G< ,2< ,B passim. /6#9"16 (ith !ull Te@t. 7 1o+. 2007. 8A9"963. ;icks A/C Hisich $DC 9i S. adio )reEuenc0 identi)ication applications in hospital en+ironments. Hospital Topics BG., Summer2002& ,5B. /6#9"16 (ith !ull Te@t. 7 1o+. 2007. 8A9"963.