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Regina Urban Study C.

CH8.1- Research and share insights about arts expressions that incorporate social commentary. We had done our research going into the amazing race, we needed to. It allowed us to create the challenge. Then the challenge should our insights and mad other do the research within the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. They would then also share their insights to us to see if they got the answer we had wanted out of them. This was pretty much the main part of how this game had worked.

Phys. ED
PE8.2- Apply an understanding of how to positively affect the major muscle groups (e.g., biceps, triceps, pectorals, abdominals, quadriceps, hamstrings) while clarifying an understanding of the effects of exercise and inactivity on the muscular system (e.g., increased/decreased strength, increased/decreased lean muscle, increased/decreased elasticity, increased/decreased muscle tone). We have learned very different important things of how we are supposed to improve and make our major muscles stronger. Being in an adventure based program we know how we are supposed to work or bodies and know what will happen if we stop doing that very important task. We have experience all the hard work of working out and have sort of grown towards it, I mean I dont think anyone wants to lose what they have gained this year. We understand the sad reality of what will happen if we stop and we understand the great reality of working our body. Especially in our Regina trip.

Planning for Regina really showed us how important it is to trip plan right. From many back up plans to the activities you want to embark on. This trip planning will be used if we ever go on our own trips and will of course need to plan what we would be doing and how it would go down. We will also be using it once again in a very near future with your trip to the Great Bear

Rainforest. It will be an essential to having a good time so far away. Trip planning really is key to not having a stressed and a greatly organized trip filled lots of more time to relax anywhere you go. I believe the key really is hard work and a whole lot of research and effort.

We would have been staying in a church near Holy Rosary School allowing us to connect with God in the best way possible. From that we would be doing our prayers very regularly as we will be in an environment where it is possible for an incident. With the training we receive before we head there I highly doubt it were to happen. Although a little of extra prayer never hurt anyone. I believe that this trip was meant to have us come together and if you ask me that has some huge religious purpose. I am quite glad that religious purpose came true and the thorough events happening throughout this unit really did bring us together in a unique special way.

USC8.5- Assess how body image satisfaction/dissatisfaction and over-reliance on appearance as a source of identity and self-esteem affects the quality of life of self and family. We address this really every day, we practice no judging and all as equal. Personally with this group I dont have to worry about body image, which is how I imagine almost every ki d within our class feels too. We dont even really rely in our appearance within our classroom; we are so close that it does not even faze us. The quality of life within our room is always pretty positive; you rarely ever hear sad and depressing comments but happy and exciting comments. I imagine this energy is carried back into the places every kid comes from creating a happy joyful household. A household proud of themselves, not ashamed of themselves. It is not the clearest connection, but I believe this whole connection was made possible by the canceling of the Regina trip. This transformed us into a better household. USC8.1- Analyze and establish effective strategies of support for purposes of helping others increase health-enhancing behaviours. We had to make it around in Regina, when doing that on foot it means you have to be in shape. That led us to pushing and furthering our teams capabilities. We then took the strategies we had developed and put them into full force action with our fellow team members in distress.

That then benefitted the team and that individual in the receiving position. I know in my situation it also benefitted me in the giving situation. I found it neat how we were always analyzing and establishing better ways on our own, we wanted the best for our team and we sure pushed each other hard for it. While still maintaining one of the most friendly groups you will encounter.

DR8.1- Develop an understanding of the significance of land on the evolution of Canadian identity. We have seen how benefited the land was for the First Nation people. Then we see how the European came over and sold it all off section by section eliminating buffalo and really the food sources everywhere. They try to move forward but instead just messing with mother earth more and more as we grow older and older. I honestly think of the Europeans could have adapted the First Nations culture, the world would be so much more free and would not be a money hungry society. This society is tearing everything apart; I believe that it would be safe and more reliable if we were still living off of the buffalo. The land has had a lot of evolution especially on the Canadian identity. It should have been left the way it was. A way better identity for Canada and anyone in it. Money would not rue us and that would be a dream society, I guess. This would have been a part of what we taught at our location. DR8.3- Assess how historical events in Canada have affected the present Canadian identity There are so many important ways our past has changed us from the attack and wars between our own people to the alliances between everyone. We have been through treaty signings, most defiantly a positive attachment to the Canadian identity. Then you also got the nasty attack on places such as Batoche, they were most defiantly a bring down on what Canadas identity was places as. I find that Canadas true nasty identity is hidden from anyone who tries to look and is replaced by the identity of the stereotypes you here about us. Oh, Can adians are so nice, if they are then why did they take over someone elses land and repeatedly beat their culture to the ground. I mean having a war against your own people. That is supposed to be a nice hospitality. This would have been probably the biggest element at our location.


CR8.5- Listen critically to understand, gather information, follow directions, form an opinion, and analyze oral presentations for diverse opinions, presenters point of view, values, and biases, stereotypes, or prejudices. We do this with any presentation we have entered our classroom or encounter. It is easy to judge what perspective they are coming from, we are very good at analyzing and do this one virtually every day. We have a multitude of kids who go up and say something and every time you have to do this. Really this would be our normal in our classroom. It is what we do, an everyday norm. This would have also been a part of our lesson. CR8.6- Read and demonstrate comprehension and interpretation of grade-appropriate texts including traditional and contemporary prose fiction, poetry, and plays from First Nations, Mtis, and other cultures to evaluate the purpose, message, point of view, craft, values, and biases, stereotypes, or prejudices. We do so much important real life problem reading. We comprehend them and write about them in our journals, we use the news to our advantage and really excel past our grade appropriate texts. We read such things as Half-Breed by Maria Campbell. That is a university level book, we as a whole in our own time finished it in about two or three weeks. It went great with having the first hand perspective of what it was like to grow up as a Mtis woman, it really showed the hardships she faced and the sacrifices had to be made by them. During Conscious Consumers we read about plastic to sweatshops (slave labour). We covered so many important topics that covered and controls how we consume goods. We surpassed an average grade 8 read that is for sure. Also, in our activity planning for Regina we had amazing race which really would have put this to the ultimate test.

WS8.2- Examine how wind, water, and ice have shaped and continue to shape the Canadian landscape. [DM, SI] We have it within our amazing race challenge we wanted to implement. We wanted to see if the kids could understand how the wind affected us as it is very windy on the prairies. We wondered how many ice glazers have encountered this land shaping it what it is now. We even wanted to notion how none of these elements have ever stop but in a few cases just stopped happening as much. We examine how the Saskatchewan River also affected and remains to affect us. All of this learning in the fun interactive activity of an amazing race.