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Watersheds C.

CP8.10- Create visual art works that express student perspectives on social issues (e.g., poverty, racism, homophobia, sustainability). Our watershed proposal extras simple were the definition of how to accomplish this. We had the problem of how to save and sort of support our watershed before it was too late. So, we were faced with that problem to solve and most of solved it then but in an extra. Kobe and I solved with our exhaust add on Liquid Gusts. We took our extra to as I believe probably the furthest we can and had a real life model of the add-on, on the pipe as it would be. We had then took it and ran multiple tests to see if it would work. We were very happy that is actually did work, with those stats. We believe that we may actually help save our watersheds if everyone were to put one on their cars. By taking the test with our extra, it was neat to see that our idea may actually be a future, booming product. CP8.11- Select and use appropriate forms, technologies, images, and art-making processes to express student perspectives on social issues. This was all in the creation of our proposal and its extra, we researched and developed. We researched our idea found that it had not been done before, and then we researched what possible effect it could have. We ten found out that this effect is potential huge! We then took our idea and ran with it. We created charts and graphs depicting our huge potential. We even had diagrams of our own idea, but we were not done there. We knew we had to half a full life model ready to be presented with our proposal. We then took the tie to create on good model and had this life size working prototype of what our potential watershed saver could be. From there we entered and crossed our fingers landing us a place in the top 10.

Phys. Ed
I could not find any task in Watersheds that hit a Phys. Ed outcome.


I believe this whole project will be applied in the distant future with our product. We had experimented and explored on how to build Liquid Gusts. Now that we have figured out a way to build it, we will begin on a way to making it way better. We will be making it even more evolutionary and we are really hoping to change and save lives with such a simple invention. If that is not the definition of practical and applied arts, I have no clue what else could be. I mean we are potential saving and improving lives all around the world. I am very proud of our efforts that we put into Liquid Gusts.

I believe that we assisted our religion with trying to help save people from the sicknesses these pollutants bring to our watersheds. We believe that with working on potentially helping lives around the world and improving upon our idea with every corner we are reflecting exactly what our religion has wanted of us all along. I believe that without even knowing of it all of the class are forth putting the potential to save those lives but helping and saving our watersheds. I believe that without even knowing or really trying to hard we have assisted in one of Gods most important messages going out to us. With the training that actually made us care I believe that is how we have been able to actually come out that potential result. This happens in everything a person does; you can make a huge difference if you just care.

USC8.1- Analyze and establish effective strategies of support for purposes of helping others increase health-enhancing behaviours. We analyzed for a solution to the growing pollution entering our watershed and establish the idea of Liquid Gusts. We then created the model and entered it hoping for thee chance of possible some funding. We would hope to produce a far bit of these sets we speak about and be able to save our watershed and potential many more around the world. That then by our effort in the creation f this and the consumers effort of applying it we should save a lot of pollutants from entering these watersheds. Saving the whole area around this watershed and furthering it blossoming.


DR8.1- Develop an understanding of the significance of land on the evolution of Canadian identity. To actually care about this project we needed this to allow us to put in so many hours, into trying to save our watershed. We needed lots of research and understand, we need to know exactly what our $1000 effort was really going to be about. We had roughly 20 documents we thoroughly went through as a class which not only made us understand but actually care. We then took that care and it was shown within that $1000 effort. We all tried and all had each others back with smiles on our faces, when the top 10 was announced. Everyone was happen for the three that made not because they did not but because three did. That to me spoke to how much really do care and really how much the excitement of saving our land really influenced our identities. DR8.3- Assess how historical events in Canada have affected the present Canadian identity. We got many historical events that have shaped our watersheds. From them be rerouted for building or just the inventions of things like cars that cause a terrible amount of pollution to watersheds. Kobe and I weighed out which was the worst on our watersheds and we came up with cars. We knew that the exhaust runoff was a huge give in to this problem and new that was our target that we had to take out. We were not sure how we going to do this then, Kobe came with the best idea ever and from that moment one we have been working hard on making Liquid Gusts. We are hope to make Liquid Gusts available to anyone that wants it but that come with its own challenges we just aint ready to tackle. We had a dream, a dream we have been trying to make come true.

AR8.2- Appraise own and others work for clarity, correctness, and variety. We do this with pretty much all of our documents; of course I look over my own work to make sure it is up to par. Once I do that I will find someone to trade work with and we correct each others. In matter of fact after this connection I will be correction and improving Quinten and Thomas watershed proposal. We are always wanting the best amount of work so we switch up editors all of the time and use Microsoft words comment blurb thing to our ad vantage. This is really evident in our watershed proposal. AR8.1- Use information gathered in self-assessment and teachers assessment to develop and work on goals for improving viewing, listening, reading, representing, speaking, and writing.

We are always assessing each other and finding different area we can improve in. We put goals up every 30 minutes to show what we are doing and to make ourselves accountable to our classmates and for ourselves. We strive to complete that goal and we keep doing that throughout the time limit the student leaders decide for us. We are always working to improve ourselves. You can never be perfect but we try to get close. This was really evident within our work in our watersheds proposal.

WS8.1- Analyze the impact of natural and human-induced changes to the characteristics and distribution of water in local, regional, and national ecosystems. [CP,DM] Learning about our local watershed we were really introduced to what humans have caused and what nature has caused. We looked at a not so near watershed, the Missouri river. It was a glorious river that was always being changed by nature making it more majestic and beautiful. Then you see the human impact that we have put into this place. A once flourishing stream now a dry desert with only thing in site is the trash that used to flow along it. We are treating so bad that it is not even there in some locations. Then the locations that this huge river is in you aint seeing a nice 30 second flow of water without an interruption of some kind of human related waste. Something that should not even supposed to be there. We are killing something that we cannot even survive without. WS8.2- Examine how wind, water, and ice have shaped and continue to shape the Canadian landscape. [DM, SI] We looked into how water had transformed the Saskatchewan River with then derailed it another direction creating Pike Lake. We have experienced how wind does within our school grounds, we have seen how the trees and really all of nature are terrorised with this wind or just give a simple jig with it. We have talked about glacier are disappearing and what will happen when they are all gone. We have looked into our watershed and seen the many ways these forces of nature have shaped the land we roam. I have in vision what this land will look like in the future and we have looked into it a tiny bit. I do not really seeing it change that much more considering where it is at and how long it took to get to this point.

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