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Nicole Carlson

10071 Lamon Ave, Skokie, IL | nicgabcar@gmail.com | (847) 997-9699

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts Minors: Elementary Education and English GPA: 3.743, Deans List Expected May 2014

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Initial Teaching License Grades 1-6, with MA SEI Endorsement Expected May 2014

Bishop School, Arlington, MA Student Teacher

September 2013 present

Collaborate with cooperating teacher to implement a purposeful curricula with lessons consistent with Massachusetts Curriculum Framework in an inclusive and safe classroom environment of 24 students Coach each individual student to further support them, and lead small-group lessons for students who need further support Research, construct, and utilize an array of comprehensive lessons, integrative unit of study, pre- and post-assessments, rubric-based final project, and portfolio review; culminating in week-long Lead Teaching, facilitating all classroom operations, lesson planning, and management of the students well-beings

Tremont School, Weston, MA Teaching Assistant

February 2013 January 2014

Design and implement small group lessons regarding reading, writing, and discussing literature, while applying these skills to everyday life and adulthood Assist students one on one with their individualized schoolwork in a fun and engaging manner, while accommodating IEPs Provide feedback to students and Lead Teachers about each students growth and aid students in reaching their personal goals Mediate student conflict by utilizing dialogue and effective communication between all parties involved

Laurance Armour Day School, Chicago, IL Teachers Assistant, promoted to Teacher

July 2009 present

Prepare and implement activities for children 6 months to 12 years old that foster childrens social and creative growth Solve conflicts amongst the children in a creative and flexible manner, fostering personal growth within themselves Organize and maintain the cleanliness of a classroom with a kitchen and eating area, while serving family style meals Supervise children on the playground, walks, and field trips on a daily basis

Plympton Elementary School, Waltham, MA September 2010 December 2010 Brackett Elementary School, Arlington, MA January 2013 May 2013 Pre-Student Teaching Classroom Observer and Volunteer Observed classrooms and provided individual instruction to students, while keeping a detailed log of my experiences Conducted two child studies on separate students to practice reaching awareness of each individual child Created lesson plans based around what the students in each class were studying and revised them with professor Lookingglass Theatre Company, Chicago, IL May 2011 August 2011 Theatre Education Summer Camp Intern
Devised and led intensive and interactive theatre, music, and art activities with up to 50 children at a time Built strong relationships and learned effective teaching methods from working professionals in the arts


Department of Community Living, Community Advisor/Community Advisor Mentor

August 2011 present

Work closely with full-time professional staff and acting as liaison and administrator for community of 78 residents Foster safe, healthy residential environments supportive of students personal and academic growth Act as community developer, supporter of academic mission, community standards educator, peer advisor, team member, and housing and facilities liaison Promoted to Community Advisor mentorship committee; guide and support first year Community Advisors by constant communication throughout the year

Waltham Group, Program Coordinator for Tutoring in Public Schools

December 2010 present

Organize logistics of sending Brandeis student tutors into public classrooms in the Waltham area Recruit volunteers for the Waltham Group and promote volunteering in the greater Boston area Train volunteers in interacting with children, while maintaining a personal relationship through meetings with each of over 70 members every semester, and individually participating in the program each semester Engage in intensive team-building training sessions twice a year, weekly meetings with all 70 coordinators, and aid other volunteer programs by volunteering for them