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Which Teaching Skills Are Required of an Effective Teacher?

Instructor: Kathy Campbell Grade Level: Community College Course: Education 201 Foundations in Education Unit: Chapter 6 What makes a teacher effective? Lesson Title: Which Teaching Skills Are Required of an Effective Teacher? Curriculum State Standards: Principle 7: Instructional Planning Skills o The teacher plans and prepares instruction based on knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals. Principle 8: Assessment of Student Learning o The teacher understands, uses, and interprets formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and advance student performance and to determine program effectiveness.

Objectives: Students will: Students will be able to understand and identify successful classroom management skills Students will be able to identify techniques to solve difficult classroom situations Students will understand classroom questioning skills that foster student engagement Students will learn different types of planning skills that make teachers effective 1

Materials needed: Those Who Can, Teach textbook Notebook w/ writing instrument Power Point presentation (for lecture) Introduction (3 min) Introduce myself and the lesson we will be going over today Go over lesson objectives Prompt students with the question: Recall a time when you were in school that the teacher was having a hard time keeping the classroom under control. What was effective or ineffective about the way they handled it? Give students a minute to think about it, and then have them share their experience with a partner or write down thoughts in their journal. Power Point Lecture (10-12 minutes) Different slides for information on each bullet-point Go over pg 185 and list skills teachers need that are essential to effective teaching. Ask students to share any additional skills they think would be helpful in the classroom. Go over pgs 186-191 targeting Classroom Management Skills o Discuss table 6.1 (Different Approaches to Classroom Management), ask students for their opinion on if they think one method is more effective than another, have them share with a partner or write down their thoughts in their journal. o List characteristic key behaviors of effective teachers on pg 188 o Address Jacob Kounins research on classroom management on pg 189190. Overdwelling, Fragmentation, Establishing clear rules, Ensuring student compliance, Family Involvement o Go over suggestions for classroom management problems on pg 191 o Ask students the following question: What are some concerns you have about maintaining an effective classroom environment? Discuss Questioning skills and effective techniques on pg 192-193 Discuss Planning skills on pg 193-194 Close (2 min) Review quick summary of the lesson and go over instructions for assessment

Check for Understanding (10 min) Blackboard students will submit their answers to the discussion questions in their bulletin board response as well as answer an additional quiz that can be taken online at: https://testmoz.com/141189