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Differences in Culture:

McDonalds in India
By: Jessica Weimerskirk

What is Culture?
Culture A system of values and norms that are shared among a group of people that constitutes a way of living. Dealing with everyday life
Cultural relativism should be used to understand the culture of certain groups of people around us

Dealing with businesses

Cross-Cultural Literacy should be used to understand the culture of certain groups in a business perspective

McDonalds Corporation
Everyday, on average, 4 new McDonalds restaurants are opened somewhere around the world. 30,000 restaurants in 120 countries McDonalds restaurants collectively serve about 50 million customers daily. McDonalds is the worlds largest user of beef.

McDonalds in India
Entered India in 1990s Hinduism in India Challenged McDonalds
Cattle is a gift from the gods They value cow milk Do not eat cattle

India is also the home of about 140 million Muslims

Muslims do not eat pork

Response to Cultural Food Dilemma

Created new items for the menu in India
Maharaja Mac made from mutton McAloo Tikki Burger made from chicken

All foods were strictly segregated into Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian lines
Many Hindus are vegetarian

75% of the menu was Indianized

McDonalds Gets Caught

3 Indian business men, all vegetarians, filed a lawsuit against McDonalds in the U.S. for using beef extract in the oil used to make french fries. McDonalds claimed to use 100% vegetable oil. Lawsuit settled for $10 million and an apology

News Travels to India

One McDonalds restaurant was vandalized causing $45,000 in damage. Riots up roared and the protests began The prime minister shut down all McDonalds restaurants in India until the oil was tested.

Expansion in India
After the storm passed and the negative publicity faded away, the company opened many new restaurants throughout the country.
In 2007, more than 130 restaurants

In Conclusion
Culture should always be respected no matter where a company is located. Cross-Cultural Literacy, an understanding of how cultural differences across nations can effect the way business is practiced, should be present in every business society. Not paying significant attention to culture differences can prove to be detrimental in an international business.