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Luke Alvarez Algebra II- Period 1st Mr.

Kiker Turned in: 9/28/11

Linear Regression Project Paper

GDP and Unemployment Rate, why did I choose these two statistics? I chose these two data because; every country has them, they are related, and I want to see what the US of A looks like numerically next to 19 others. I wanted to do these specific stats because the higher one goes (Unemployment Rate), the lower the other goes (GDP- Gross Domestic Product). In gathering my data I learned that Haiti has an Unemployment Rate of over 40% and because of this sad fact they bring in a whopping GDP of .022186 trillion dollars. You might think, Oh well thats in trillions so thats still some considerable dough. Well consider this; almost half their population is working hard and struggling every day to provide for themselves and their families, because they dont have steady revenue, if any. They bring in 22 billion dollars a year, and just recently had a terrible earthquake racking up a 1.2 billion dollar bill. As American citizens WE raised this money to help those in need, and that is why I feel this pertains to my life. Just of the top of my head a couple careers come to mind where this type of information would be noted and analyzed. Disaster relief people for one need to know this information if they are to go into a country that just suffered some form a disaster and know at least a fairly accurate estimation of the people needing help and how much money they need. They need to know there stuff so that they dont go somewhere with $100,000 to help 1,000,000+ people. Another career that would require knowledge of this type of information would be somebody involved in national and international matters. Our government needs to know that 1 in every 10 people is not bringing in money, that together as a nation we bring in roughly 14 trillion dollars a year as our Gross Domestic Product. If someone is elected to do whats best for the people they should try to know as much about the people looking to them to make the right decision as possible. I noticed a correlation between my data almost immediately in this project. I notice that it is impossible to have the highest figures for both statistics. When you have a country like Haiti with 40.6 % of the population being unemployed, on a scale with the US with 9.25% of the population unemployed, and then you try to find out which one is going to make the most money thats a no brainer. The country with not just a larger population working but a larger population could have everybody making $6 an hour and we would still have an edge on countries like Haiti.